When We Were Seventeen

You asked if this was okay

But I didn't have the heart to tell you the truth

didn't possess the words to say 


this is so much more 

It just didn't seem to roll off my tongue the way mine rolled over yours

There wasn't enough time to explain the feeling of innocent euphoria I experienced with you 

No way to begin to illustrate how you made me unravel at the seams like lillies so desperate to blossom in Spring

I'd lost my breath before I could unfold the myriads of blessings I made in that short time

The praise and graititude I felt in the night our worlds collided softly 

so softly 

like summer rain or an ocean breeze

we were drenched in the subtlety of this essence


like electricity or flames

we were brave enough to reach out and survive the heat

not to endure but to embrace


as you wrapped your arms around me, I had never been so jealous of the cotton that separated us 


and yet, all I could manage was a nod

because there was more feeling in that moment than words could ever admit to say

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Cait Abbott

Tue 25th Apr 2017 08:09

Thank you!!

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Stu Buck

Mon 24th Apr 2017 16:28

this is just lovely, packed full of great lines (lillies unravelling, jealousy of cotton) and with a real lingering sense of love in its many disguises. great stuff!

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