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My Selfish Heart

My selfish heart is just plain happy 

As the world tumbles into an abyss 

Only you and I know how it’s come to this

We’ve found a love like never before

Soon to be judged by those we adore

Our clean hearts true to ourselves and each other

No time now for froth and bluster

Just love seared with joy and heart felt laughter

 Short time, fast journey for two hearts from The Poo...

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Two Hearts

Two hearts not three my love

Only yours and mine beat together 

And that look as we stare off centre 

Tuning into radio US

The faraway glance that sees nothing

But hears everything 

Our station, our wavelength

Where we are the producers, directors the listeners

The head can hear the love when needed

The heart can silence the fear when we’re not near

Life has drawn us,...

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Greedy Hearts

I am no product of love,

I have never been treated as one.

I am the product of greed,

The punishment of my creators' sin.

I am no reminder of their love,

I serve only as a reminder of their greed.

Greedy for more love,

When their own had run out.


I am a desperate attempt at filling their 

Empty hearts once again.

My own scratched empty,

Theirs only half filled...

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He looks out of the open window 

at the end of the street,

cold and grey it seems like melancholy 

& there she stands afar

calm and still,

like the depths of the ocean waters;


as the time slips and the 

night sky drops on this world,

the moon shines bright as ever 

envied, as it looks at her glaring eyes,

radiating without the help of another star 

like firefl...

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This Too Shall Pass

He looks to me

but he doesn't see me

He talks to me

but he doesn't hear me

He's in front of me

but we're a million miles apart

Our hearts are beating to a different tune

Everyone thinks it'll be fine soon

Just open up and tell him 

It'll be okay,

This too shall pass

but it won't,

it will last and last...

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I Will Not Let You Beat Me Down

{I Will Not Let You Beat Me Down} 



Darling I won't

let you beat me

down and it's

high time that

this cowgirl 

picks herself back

up off of the

ground and get

to moving on

down the long

lonesome road as

I kick the hell

out them blues

you have got me

going through

and now it's time

to forget all 

about you 





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Love reunited

I will always love you, we softly sighed

As we kissed and left each other's eyes

Friends forever we vowed out loud 

Heart beating empty, I left not looking round

Our lives ticked over with neither of us around

Too much lost to ever meet as friends

But such deep feelings can never stay calm

Would things ever change to bring us back around

Time ticks by, daily lives pass on


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The Forgotten Valentine





Valens, you are esteemed worthy,
at the Via Flaminia you lay:
Valentinus offered up in faith.
Your deeds aren't known in our day.

In this life you wed young couples;
an act the Emperor would not permit.
And though your grace the monarch received,
your execution he did transmit.

Alas, with clubs and stones they came,
challenged by your fortitude gr...

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