Wounds of liberation

Imagine being totally untethered

After feeling chain linked 

I feel split

That part removed 

That half is trying to renew

But it hurts 

To grow scab over wound 

Missing you is mourning you 

Leaving you is still losing you

And I’m just as lost

As I made you 

If it could be 

I would make it be 

Should I be chain linked again 

I would make it good 

Should ...

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Gene Trap

The sin of the father is the sin of the son

From, anger, to greed, to lust, every family has one

But to better ourselves and our own families

We try to be better, though it brings us to our knees




Though we try to be better, genetics and us

Work together as well as an old blunderbuss

In the hands of a fool, none the wise

To the power...

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