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Crossroads - my National Poetry Day piece

I feel like I'm at a crossroads,

a path I do not know.

The future's looking complex as a vortex

as I continue to grow.


Do I wait in frantic futility

brazenly biting my lip and learning humility?


I see you stuck in Stockholm

waiting for the day that you finally come home.


Destined for greatness

yet thwarted by gravity and quicksand

in fearful fusion

dragging you down to a sub-human level

when you were born to excel.


I wait.


Do I wait?


I survived two years

in a wretched wilderness of my own making,

love forsaking.


Now I'm revitalised by love

can I wait for you

and your eventual emergence?


And yet I'm waiting for another.

The one for whom I've waited all my life.

The one FRIENDS denote as my lobster.

My heart implodes

as I reach boiling point.


I will take the pain

masterfully mould it

embrace it

and use it as a catalyst

to craft my future.

No time for pottering about,

destiny awaits.


Nothing can ever hold me back

but myself

and I'm past that.

I just hope I'm not past you

that love hasn't

passed us by.


I look at you and I see you

just as you saw me

before I saw myself.

Blind to reason

intimidated by potential.


But why?


Bones may be brittle

but our hearts are stronger than adamantium.

Indestructible, bonded by an unbreakable love.

In molten moments

we fuse into one

heart-carved perfection

beauty in the blemishes.


You have done more

in these last few years

than you give yourself credit for.

A selfless seer, seeing my potential

long before you embraced your own.


But I embrace it,

and I embrace you.


And so it seems I made my choice,

though one lover will always have my friendship.


And as I leave the crossroads,

I trade it for a crossbow.

Summon the skills of marksmen

Green Arrow,



a super-powered trifecta.

Aiming point blank on our future

I won't let anything affect ya.


Crossing the crossroads,

cross my heart and hope to die

in your arms

as life passes by.

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Katy Megan Hughes

Tue 9th Oct 2012 18:10

I love this.


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