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I've known many stairs

Rising to strange places

Where joy roams free

A blur of female faces


Stairs can feel unreal

From drink and hurry

Chasing hot rump in a

Scented hectic flurry


Drink risks a frisson

Tumbling down stairs

Scrambles your wits

Impedes your affairs


Some boast a bend

Others climb straight

Either route is urgent

Desire will n...

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The Bend

There's a kink in the path
Where the bluebells grow
Strong, full of spice and sweet
Where the witches and the wizards
cast their spells, I know
And the elves feel safe to meet
There's a bend in the river
Where the waters run deep
And the vines harsh thirst is fed
Where dry grapes can burst
in pleasure and folly;
The valley can sing in a glory of red
There's a camber to th...

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