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with the last lines borrowed from Kaveh Akbar


Tension begins here:

My bleed/my break

the line one curves over slopes

the crevice cascading two-pulicitous over an edge

the stream of over-consciousness squelched in bliss

Return with me now, 

wind humming honey

a touch filled with ache

when silence lingers in our throats 

You sit with me now

distance a year ...

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A Poppy In Winter

A Poppy In Winter


November mists come down in shrouds of grey

and folk remember, with their poppies red,

the loss of sixteen million war dead

and how the guns fell silent on this day.

So who are you to deem to have a say

on whether I should honour those who bled

by crimson colours? – or perhaps, instead,

in remembrance there is another way.

For I would guess that mo...

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Dog Loose


Got fired from my call centre job for failing the exam. Took it while doing the night shift. First I've ever done graveyard. Can't say I like it. In fact, I bloody hate night work. Unless it's in a goth club, drinking beer or grinding.

Gonna get a new job. Jimmy Boom Semtex needs beer and tattoo cash. Give him a job and let him learn. Short term memory aside, he'll do his best. Make you la...

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Celebrate: Anne Marie Hurst

Celebrate: Anne Marie Hurst

It was back in 09 and I was on the computer.

I had Ghost Dance on the decks, full volume.

I looked on Facebook to see her fan sites.

It was a wonderful shock!

Anne Marie Hurst was doing a gig!

I had the chance to see one of my musical heroines live!

And hear her Ghost Dance and Skeletal Family songs.

Imagine that, 80s Goth live.

I got a ticket...

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There was one who taught me all, as she taught the witch

at the other side of the estate. We are meant to be the best,

no one touching us on our path.

Me and you, together we had it all,

I met you in the Crystal Chamber. You became my wife,

me the goth, you the witch, fairy tale story.

I became your student and learned all I could,

we toured Euro...

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