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Speaking softly

Yellow branches drifting to the shore,

You hold true in the forwards direction,

Bending ever downwards to the depths of darkness.


Your voice is shallow and short,

The breaths meaningless to all but the other,

Mirrors reflecting the sun.


Shattered windows created imperfections in a perfect line,

The glimmering colors to present true beauty once again,

Feathers ...

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Lost Innocent

Baby we don't have to say goodbye
You can stay a little bit longer
The night is still young
So let's grow old together. 

Maybe I'm alone in this
But I'm into the things we do
Please just take a chance
Because you're the only thing keeping me going.

Keep the noise low.
Don't make a sound
No one is going hear
The love that we're about to make.

Hit the lights
Heartbeats moving fast...

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Under Pressure

I've been lying to my friends and family for a few weeks now. 


Not lyin about my love for them. 
But lyin about my happiness.
It's not them its all me. 
I always vision and wanna see myself 
Being better than what I am. 
But it's hard to do that. 
When I can't be the man to pick me up. 
Like a player with good sportsmanship
My high expectations. 
Give me greys 

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