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Road By Road (Write it Slow)

Road by road I turn the car

and travel a phrase to a line,

move a sentence to plural,

then to verse to vent a thought,

but within the limit,

as speeding is futile anyway.


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fun poemspoemsroadstechnique

my shoes

one size 7 and one size 6

i dealt with the cards i was handed i couldnt just pick

my shoes are worn out, battered, and bruised

not the feet of a clown, walk a mile in them you wont be amused

not following any one path, i le my own way but sometimes id fall or step on sime cracks

i tried on some others to see if they fit, though they felt better, it wouldnt aquit

couldnt attest th...

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Take a walk on the wild side

Step from the road of the known into the wild of the unknown.

My guide, the divine pulling me 3 finger widths beneath my last known uplink.


Wonders of the world exist all at once, spanning the confines of time.

I visit myself as a child and young adult.

Give hope to the past, while gaining wisdom from the future.

Crude oil refined into the supreme.

Let's suffer together.


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The Concrete Road

the concrete road


still dark and darkening night, the dead cold of dying winter,

rain against the windscreen, speed in easy, selfish solitude.

my shirt gives up the scent of soap.

(i have no other dream.)


noise surrounds me, the oil-ribbed sounds of a lost summer,

the meaningless bypass between here and some other place.

yet hands formed this path.

(i have no othe...

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On the Road

Just audio at the moment!

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