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I enjoy bringing tough guys and gals to their knees.

I can make everyone in my path cry like babies. 

You think you can stop me with drugs or alcohol?

That’s a fool’s game.

It will drive you insane. 

Your candy doesn’t keep me away

anymore than a cross stops suffering. 

The only escape is to free me

from the one place you fear to go. 

I reside deep within your mind.


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While the world
goes about their day
talking about trival things, 
laughing their troubles away,
I am struck with 
paralyzing pain
that I try to contain. 

Everyone close to me 
is oblivious 
to my suffering.

Why should they care?
They have their own 
drama to deal with.
There is nothing 
anyone can do anyway. 

Meanwhile, my body
betrays me more 
each passing day.

I want t...

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Fixed Mindset - Genre Transformation

I will not be stuck in a fixed mindset.

I will not be stuck in a fixed mindset.

I will not be stuck in a fixed mindset.


Fixed mindset is a state of mind.

You can change your mind.

But are you willing to change your mind?

I will not be stuck in a fixed mindset.


What is a fixed mindset?

A fixed mind.

A mind incapable of opening or being opened.

A bad habit an...

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