Protect me from this life.
The ailments of the things around me.
Set me free into the sky,
Shine light in the darkness that surrounds me.

I'm one man against the world,
Sometimes it seems hard to bear.
Sometimes I prayed,
But only the Devil responded,
And God wasn't there.

I fell deep into the pits,
Both alcohol and substance abuse.
The devil talking to me,
From this bottle im drinking.
Not too sure what i should be feeling,
Confused how im living.
But my hearts still beating.

Day in, day out.
All I thought of was my demise.
Couldn't conceive any coherent thoughts,
As rubbed tears away from my bloodshot eyes.

Take me away from all this pressure,
All the pain.
Show me some happiness again,
Because im going blind.
Im planting seeds to bring the end of me.
But I'm so lost in my ways,
I just couldn't see.

Conversations with the devil i was having many,
He spoke to me though these bottles of Henny.
Destroy yourself child, the good is gone.
Embrace me, so you and I can be one.

But indeed God responded, but he allowed the devil to take me.
In order for me to be free, life had to break me.
I understand this now but I'm not proud.
I had to fall rock buttom so I could rise.

You can tell alot about a person from their eyes.
The experiences I've had, created me.
Life lessons I've learned, had moulded me.
Life broke me so I could be free.

A breath of fresh air,
I'm free,
its like the birth of a new moon,
My skeletons now put to rest,
But it has also marked the birth of my hearts tomb.

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Nicola Beckett

Mon 16th Nov 2020 13:18

Sending light xx

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