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I enjoy bringing tough guys and gals to their knees.

I can make everyone in my path cry like babies. 

You think you can stop me with drugs or alcohol?

That’s a fool’s game.

It will drive you insane. 

Your candy doesn’t keep me away

anymore than a cross stops suffering. 

The only escape is to free me

from the one place you fear to go. 

I reside deep within your mind.

It’s the perfect place to hide.  

I know exactly how to control you,

make you beg for mercy. 

My favorite game is hide and seek.

I prey on the weak. 

Do you think you can outwit me?

Come on, lead the way.

Heartbreak? Child's play. 

Let's start with a toothache! 


Photo Credit: William Hole

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John Marks

Fri 10th Apr 2020 02:27

So you think you can tell heaven from hell. The Floyd.

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