The Price

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The price of life,
  is death.

The price of love,
  is forgiveness. 

The price of peace,
  is judgement.

The price of success,
  is failure.

The price of fame 
  is freedom.

The price of freedom,
  is discipline. 

The price of discipline
  is faith.

The price of faith,
  is fear.

Everything has a price.

What is the cost,
of the life you seek?

Are you willing to pay, 
the price?



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Wed 29th Jul 2020 01:41

I like you already Lasse! Welcome to the family. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your thoughtful insights. “I breathed in your lines like coke”... what a great quote. Maybe it will inspire a poem! Fortunately, our WOL family goes easy on my unfinished pieces. I love it here among fellow poets from around the world. I look forward to getting to know you through your poetry. Write on!

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Lasse Krey

Tue 28th Jul 2020 22:50

The chance of not beeing liked is the price a true poet has to pay when she has the courage to publish an "unfinished" poem.
I'm glad you did!
I breathed in your lines like coke ?


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Wed 15th Jul 2020 13:35

“Priceless”... Good one Po. You are so clever. Thanks for stopping by and chiming in my virtual friend. ? Write on! ❤️

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Mon 13th Jul 2020 17:56

Thanks for your thoughtful comments M.C. I believe “the price” is subjective and personal for each of us. I changed the list a dozen times, especially for freedom. I wanted to say the price for freedom is freedom. I may change it up again, it doesn’t feel finished, but I like to post the poems that make me think and perhaps give fellow poets pause and inspire their insights. Thanks for sharing yours.

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M.C. Newberry

Mon 13th Jul 2020 16:09

Containing much to remind us of realities we often choose to ignore
or forget. Are you willing to pay the price? A fitting way to close
these lines.
P.S. I would also observe that the price of discipline is self-control -
not one of today's widespread virtues...

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