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Begging seaguls amongst the people
Stalking humans outside restaurants  and chip shops
Eagerly awaiting leftovers knowing it is theirs if something drops
We as humans are complaining as if they are a pest and in the way
They would be at sea if the fishermen didn't take their fish away

Now a seagul has a heart and  with a heart should be a soul
To you he may not be useful ..but hes here to ...

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Images of a High Tide

harbour entrance swell

river bridge

above the beach

the scraping rattle

millions of stones

sucked off the beach

returning to the sea


beside the harbour wall

crossing waves

rearing waves


breaking in foam


onto the shingle

the vast pull

of the receding sea

the undertow of sound


the bay

grey brown sea

under a blue sky


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I have ploughed one field

And seen the soil turn

To lie against its fellow

Under the greedy gull shout

Behind my blade.

Worm gorged, at dusk

They seek a distant tide line

And the furrowed field clamour

Slips silently into the night


I have broken the plough lines

Left to crumble in the sun

Where worms once toiled

My disk and dragging chain

Harrowed the la...

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Figment 7

i dreamed
of the ocean again
last night
silver lined
the water and 
the hanging
shadows of the gulls
the waves
curling like fingers
against the sand

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The rising sun breaks the dawn…,
And at last … the mist has gone.
The caravan of the sun rays
Runs quickly on the sea surface.
The sea shines with silver and gold,
It’s a hold of different sounds
Which are the compounds of …
The seagulls cry telling “hi”,
The splashes of the waves
Loving to make new caves.
The warm breeze is so rowdy
And the seagulls are so naughty.
They dance ove...

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Suncream, Sandwiches, Sea and Sand

Warm sheltered rock-pools on the beach

This British green and pleasant land

Where Donkeys'  poo and Seagulls' screech


Grandad’s hanky on his head

His rosy cheeks a shade of peach

His Daily Mirror long since read

Where Donkeys' poo and Seagulls' screech


Grandma’s at Bingo every night

Her handbag with her like a leech

Her rol...

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The Seagulls are watching




The Seagulls are watching

They know what you eat

They’ll mug you for something

To shove down their beak


They like a nice pastie

They’ll steal from your lips

They’ll dive bomb and swoop

And nick all your chips


Relaxing in sunshine 

A holiday dream

Then they’ll feather and flap you

And splat your ice...

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Peregrine FalconsSt Ivesseagullsice creamchips


Save me from the lido

it makes me horny

I'm drowning in pure beauty

take me away

from the unnecessary love

I think I've had enough


Save me from your claws

I'm hurt already

there's only so much flesh you can have

blood stains on the beaks

of sweetest seagulls


life is a death trap?


She said no

I won't let go

I won't let g...

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