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The Ocean Inside The Shell

The salty sea spray sprinkles my skin,

like summer showers

That begin 

Then end 


I stand in front of a crust forming at the edge of the beach


Splintered, softened wood 



Shiny when wet

Their colours

Like common jewels

Topaz, ruby, emerald, turquoise, coral pink, terracotta

All there for the picking

All at my feet

This Novemb...

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A Shell

I stare at the empty shell in the mirror.

Is this what I am now?

My flesh tainted,

clothes tight and suffocating,

nothing looks right anymore.

My hair falls in the wrong ways,

my makeup is now a mask.

I am numb.

I am blistered and broken.

Nothing is real anymore.

I look away,

and once again

I am encased in the hopelessness 

of this damned shell.

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