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We Run Like Water

I'm a reptile

But I'm warmer 

When I'm with you

You stir something in me

Like I'm always on the edge of something

There’s a chemical reaction between us

It makes me feel like static energy 

Could we really be the result of chance?

Can chance pull like a magnet?

Or is this kismet?


It runs fast, long, rife

It is our double life

We share a secret world t...

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The Pedant

It's so easy to say you love me

But what do you mean by love?

Is it something you see in me,

Or a spirit falling from above?


You say I'm merely a nit-picker

Analysing everything to death

Yet I must be quite sure of you

To own your very last breath


Love is simply a word to others

So glibly pronounced for effect

But I dont want to fall for you

Only for you ...

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