I woke up this morning a bit confused

ready to go to the kitchen and swallow my pills

They help my mind get straight

if I don't take them by eight

it's too late


I look at the clock OH NO I over slept


My thoughts start to gather and circle my room

I try to grab one but it escapes me

Words start to play bumper cars in my head

soon it feels like lead

my marbles start to fall all over the floor

I try to walk but the marbles roll like tin cans

under my feet


Can't get to the kitchen

my journey is incomplete


Time is not my friend

if the clock strikes nine

I am running out of time

Soon my life with be in turmoil

I will become agitated

befuddlement will take over


I need a plan


there must be something I can fixate on

that's the only way to calm me

To focus on that one thing I can't resist

helps untwist my reasoning


I search the room turning my head this way and that

hoping my eyes will see that one thing

what will it be


It needs to grab me 

like a cowboy's lasso 

around a squirming calf

It has to pull me in


I start to panic


it's almost ten

I know what happens then

The depression starts to tug on my sanity

soon profanity will fly from my mouth


That's not helpful


I continue my inspection


I survey the room

I squint to enhance my focus

things are getting bleak


I try not to freak out


Dreariness is seeping from my soul

the heaviness is slowing me down

I feel like I will soon drown


eleven is around the corner


By then I want to sleep

to get away from the gloom

that's now encompassing my room


My eyes are getting heavy


Oh No I cry


Don't do that do not dare slumber

that will encumber the tasks for the day


I give my cheeks a slap

hoping to keep awake


For goodness sake

this is getting crazy


My attention is hard to find

it wants to doze


Come on Lynn I start to scream

stay with me babe stay with me


I bounce up and down with desire

keep trying to get higher


start to target on the ceiling


Come on girlie you can do it

touch that beam I shout out loud


I stare and stare focused on a tiny crack on the timber


Oh yeah babe you got this


My brain is aroused

it springs to life while I dive in the air like I just don't care


This is it

my thing

my one thing

This is it I shriek


I race race race to the kitchen

need to get there before noon when I turn into a buffoon


I make it


there's enough energy in my body to run ten refrigerators for a year

I feel like I will erupt


I get my glass of water then inhale my pills


I will soon be serene

won't that be keen


Still time to complete my projects


Better add inspecting my alarm to the list

don't want to blunder again tomorrow


that brings stress and great sorrow...


By Lynn Hahn





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lynn hahn

Thu 15th Dec 2016 09:05

Thanks so much. Obviously I'm ADHD. It does get crazy at times but hey at least I have a lot of pep right

<Deleted User> (6895)

Wed 14th Dec 2016 17:06

haha! we loved it Lynn!

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