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Don't Cry Over Me

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{Don't Cry Over Me} 


Don't cry over me 

Don't feel sad for me 

Don't you think that

I didn't want

to stay but I 

couldn't because I 

had to go because

God needed me more 

Don't you think that  

I didn't Iove you

because I did 

and I always will

even from above now 

Don't cry over me 

Don't you forget that 

now I'm your angel

watching over you


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Erotic Naughty Poems

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(Eroitc Naughty Poems)




He walks in from work with his shirt draping off his rock hard body that has me looking straight at him in his eyes while locking on with his eyes then I start to twist and bitting my tongue and lips while licking them wanting to taste his body on my lips and you can't take it anymore I get up walking over to him while doing a sexy stripper walk dance while...

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Diary Of The Southern Queen Entry #50 (Havana)

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Diary Of The Southern Queen Entry #50 (Havana)



My heart is hurting because I left something extra special behind in beautiful Havana 




​​​​​​He was a tall tan skinned man that was a tall glass of water that kept thrusting for him day and night and I think I am about ready to lose my mind because of that man in Havana 



And as I need and want Havana to appe...

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Diary Of The Southern Queen Entry #49 (Doobie-Doobie)

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Diary Of The Southern Queen Entry #49 (Doobie-Doobie) 





When the doobie-doobie drugs don't work any more girl you are just a fool if you think love don't hurt because hot damn it does that's why one more blow to sniff until I cannot breathe 

And when the doobie-doobie-doobie don't work any more as one more sniff and one more puff and popping one more pill until...

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Just when you think you’ve fallen too deep,

Lost in the pits of your mind,

There’s someone reaching out to you,

Saying leave your past behind.

Starting anew is harder than it seems,

Energies,thoughts and doubts linger in between.


My thoughts are drowning me in this sea of illusion,

Leaving me in a state of confusion.

For my mind is a challenge,

And self doubt is the...

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