turning point

Part of my disorder

is that consistancy isn't real

every day is a wave that I am forced to ride

I want to grab each day by the horns

I don't want to be on a ride anymore

I want to be the driver

I want to set the pace of my days 

I will see a time where this is my present

and not just a fantasy

I will have control over my life

one day


Bipolar depression sadnessmentalmoodsrainbowssunshinethoughtsupsides


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Fri 8th Feb 2019 12:15

Jacque whilst you keep writing poetry such as this you are in the moment.

The rainbows and the sunshine are always there when you seek them out.

Without the rain we would have no rainbows.

We can find umbrellas here!

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lisa donohoe

Fri 8th Feb 2019 11:33

To achieve it
One must belive it and speak as if its already their's for the taking..
The sadness in your poem made me want to express to you that everyday we breath is a blessing. You will conquer anything you wish, once you believe you can ?

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