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Is my confusion an illusion
Is my mind just playing games
All the demons and the monsters
Quick enough to lay the blame
Many questions left unanswered
And many answers make no sense
My only coping mechanism
Is self destruction or self defense
On the outside I may look happy
But I’m crumbling inside
All the feelings and emotions
Just so much easier to hide
If the lock could be left open
And my thoughts could be set free
Then the burden would be lifted
And the true me you would see
But since childhood I have hidden
And throughout my adult life
I try to face my demons
But I’m scared of what might bite
So the thoughts bury much deeper
Far away so eyes can’t see
And the charade I continue
The real me I just can’t be

© curiousdud3 05/2022


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<Deleted User> (33618)

Thu 19th May 2022 22:48

Poignant and touching...

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