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The Resident Poltergeist

There is a resident poltergeist, that lives within these walls, 

    I have never seen them, but I've heard their many falls

The posters that suddenly fall from the door,

    the hairbrush that somehow ends up on the floor.

The sock that goes missing without a trace,

    the eyeshadow you were going to put on your face.

I don't why they do it, are they angry or barking mad?


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Erebus puts his arms around me and hugs me close and tight

    All my troubles melt away in the suns bright, warming light

The heat upon my freckled face inspires an unhindered smile

    and I can stay in breeze and birdsong, I'll sit here for a while. 

My eyelids close, my mind opens and images start to play

    of mountains, fields, treks and climbs, long fulfilling days. 

Oh h...

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The Hermit

Silence is a poem that speaks within my ear,

    it tells me people's feelings, happy, sadness, fear. 

Silence is a painting, creating visions in my brain

    it reveals to me the reasons; arguments will never be the same. 

Silence is a feather, tracing patterns on my hand,

    it tells me when things started, when they got out of hand.

Silence tells me stories, than need not be ...

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The Warrior

Another battle fought towards the war that was won, 

    and marked the setting of a raging sun.

The winds that blew with her battle cry,

    now calm to a whisper but do not die.

The fire that burned so wild with fright,

    continues to burn through day and night.

The river of hope runs strong and true,

    it carries hope, faith and love back to you.

The earth beneath he...

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I have journeyed to the past, 

    and learned who I am at last.

I am a daughter of the Earth,

    in these bare hills, I share my birth. 

I am the song carried on the breeze,

    like the gulls and daws, above the trees.

I am the Fire that lights the way,

    after the sun has ceased to mark the day.

The waters clear press on my heart

    and complete the process of my ...

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Into the Wild

The seeker seeks, the searcher finds,

    The adventurer travels around his own mind.

The winds that blow and storms that shout, 

    and rock both tree and bush about.

The wanderer carries a burning torch,

    To light his way with no remorse.

No solice does a watcher find,

    when seeking troubles in his own mind.

Cold hearts grow, lone spirits become strong,

    and ...

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The Overland Launch

The Overland Launch:

In the land of Coleridge and his Ancient Mariner,

    In a time of coal fires, wooden boats and horsepower,

There is a story of the Lynmouth Lifeboat Louisa

    And the night horse and man over 13 miles pulled her.


Two of the afternoon clock struck a chime,

    On January 12th, 1899.

The wind howled and the sea it roared,

    Flooding ports and rai...

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real lifehistorydrama

I know you, Love.

 I know you, Love.

I know you, love.

    Your face is painted in my memory like a dream so real it was hardly just a dream.

  The realms of dreamers often called upon to make point of the folly fools fancy.




I know you, love.

    Your aching sits within my soul like the sunken ships on the bed, caressed by the mother that keeps them until they are nothing but dust an...

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