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staring at a blank page in my mind

there are so many things I crave to say

so many ways I need to take

there are words in my soul.

words in my soul, and they're screaming their road

every moment has built up this tension in my fingertips 

like there is a power in my typing hands that I could knock the whole world down with

there is music in my ears.

music in my ears, and wo...

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i think you’re the one

i’d see in another life

past universes and constellations

our love escapes boundaries of time and life and space and earth and mortal rules

from oceans to raindrops,

huge rays of sun to tiny sprinkles in shadows

your face in the glassy waters and clear windows

your name whispered in every sweep of the wind

dance with me, my love

ontop of the stars ...

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the wave

The Wave is what i call her.

she comes and goes, sometimes not appearing for days or weeks or even months

and then i miss her terribly

she knows when i need her, when my heart needs a rest

she greets me,

full and strong and deep

she knows me, she knows my heart.

so i give her control, and she washes over me

i surf her, swim in her truth, drown in the cool

she whispers me...

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who would have known?

a thirst to write

who would have known?

she held me in her arms, dear mother

did she think, this one’s going to be a poet ?

did she know?

who would have known?

only fourteen

but i love to write out scenes

manipulate words, twist them to match my feelings

ask them kindly, search them for answers

for they are my friends, sometimes my only

who would have known?

my ...

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midnight-blue eyes

midnight-blue eyes, i stare at them now

though at first sight one would think them to be the color of coal,

unless you stared at them long enough, in which case you would see the bit of soul

in his eyes, blue and shimmering and full of love

and it wasnt a surprise he wore his heart on his sleeve,

because if you looked closely enough, you would see it not only worn on his sleeve


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hide and seek

emotions playing a game of hide and seek

though the game wears on, week after week

what excellent hiders they are

not to be found, even as i yell,

"i give up!", "help?"

searched under the covers of my heart 

behind the closed doors of the dark rooms in my mind

dusty spaces underneath the bed of my brain

where could they be?

did they leave?

what a shame!

we were in ...

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naked body, naked heart

tucked knees in chest, like i was trying to protect

myself, because no one else would protect me

bare arms around bare legs

because all i needed then was a hug,

but all i had was myself

searing hot on my skin, droplets sliding down my back

and splattering on the bathtub floor

i turned it as hot as it could go,

because i needed something, anything


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if my heart were a well

if my heart were a well,

it would be deep.

during the day i would go about my life

but when it would turned dark, trying to sleep

i‘d sit by the well

staring up at the lights strung up on the ceiling you call the night sky

and i would grow aware,

aware of the hollowness

and suddenly i would thirst for a cool drink

my throat becoming itchy, i’d try to fill the well


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my mind is a maze

a dark labyrinth

a closed trap

my thoughts run around like scared mice

they’re squeaking and scampering

and running around in a craze

delusional, one might say

loud and quiet and fast

they’re mad and shy and cry

but only because they’re terrified

they just want to be saved, to be heard

but my mouth doesn’t open

doesn’t say a word

it’s weak a...

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