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Just leave me alone and let me find peace
I don't want to hurt
I don't want to weep
Who’s are the voices inside my head?
Why do they hate me? 
What have I said?
Why let them get to me?
What do I say?
Why can’t I make them all just go away?
Why do I feel I have to paint on a smile?
Why can’t I just be ‘me’ for a while?
These are the questions I’m asking each day
The voices, the demons I’m keeping at bay.

© curiousdud3 05/2022


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Mon 23rd May 2022 07:33

Thanks Carol. Poetry is definitely a release. I've hardly written anything for almost a year...just couldn't get in the headspace but I think my anxieties have just built up to boiling point. I did get to a point before where my writing eventually was fighting back rather than just letting the demons take over so maybe I need to get my head back to that place. Re-read some of my earlier work and read others work. I'm sure there's something uplifting in me somewhere still, just need to find my way to channel it out.

<Deleted User> (33618)

Mon 23rd May 2022 05:28

I think writing poetry is a great conduit for expression, dark or otherwise. To be able to articulate how you are feeling helps to diffuse the anxiety. Maybe you could slip in at least one line within the darker poems, that is uplifting? Hope just needs to be released. [I speak from personal experience.] 😀

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Sun 22nd May 2022 22:14

Thanks John 👍

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John Botterill

Sun 22nd May 2022 20:35

I think your poem expresses what a lot of us feel. A fine, introspective poem👍

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Sun 22nd May 2022 18:10

Thanks Julie. I don't know why my writing is always dark. I try writing something uplifting but the words don't come. Maybe 'dark' is just my writing style but really want to try and change my style a little, maybe it might lift the clouds.....I keep trying... That's all I can do I suppose ❤️

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julie callaghan

Sun 22nd May 2022 16:59

I hope you find the peace you deserve. Your poems are so poignant.

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