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A Motherwell Romance

Wanting life easy but living it hard                     

Dons his sick kilt and has one for the road

Gone to repeat the story he’s been told   

In the bar where he hasn’t been barred.             


Scotland is playing, they’ll win or they’ll lose      

He orders a pint, the fifth of the night                

Loneliness fades and the world becomes right

An amber-flecked al...

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alcoholalcohol abusedrinkingLove lostscotland



you and me 

were meant to be 


in some sort of way 

you planted this tree in April 

and I watched your leaves bloom through may 

your roots they stick to my ground 

and if the sun dries up and there’s no water to be found 

I’ll curse nature in all of its names 

to bring rain 

for us 

only us 

well really, 

only you 

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Love lostloving him

The you and me...

entry picture

 Since this is the way it's going to be,

I'll sum it all up with poetry...

Where do I even start explaining the way I feel?

I just keep telling myself: this can't be happening, this isn't real.

In my heart it seems there is a sudden void.

You built me up, only to break me down; now everything appears destroyed.

My life's orbit has suddenly stopped- where do I go from here?

I g...

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loveLove lost

when the sirens sound...

when the siren sound of my love casts an endless ocean of dopplers upon me, as though lightening does from above in a brutal storm, my soul, my heart, my everything surrenders to the tantalizing taste of his audible delicacy. created from one, the one, the one love lost to the sea of the dead and the to the disease of greed still for me it is pride which fills my chest as i lay to rest to the swee...

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loveLove lost


I've got green stained knees 
they remind me of you.
its the color of what once was your room
that you always said you hated,
yet you never bothered to paint it.
where we stayed up till 4 am
dreaming of our future flat.
visions of blue walls
and pictures of waterfalls
because you were in to that sort of thing.
Now I'm laying in the summer grass
as God’s tears come trickling down,

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love lostlove poetrynostalgiaromanceteenteenagers

The Trap


Im trapped. 


I can can bang on the walls but to you it just sounds like a knock on the door. 

I can scream until my breath runs short and my lungs hurt but to you it just sounds like a whisper. 

My eyes think it’s an open door and that I can walk right through but my heart shows me that it’s bullet proof glass and I’m only going to hurt myself if I try to leave. 


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HurtloveLove lostwoman

Woulda - Shoulda - Coulda

I know

I woulda - shoulda - coulda - done better

Could of been a better man to you

Oh baby, for this I am sorry - sad but true

But you know as I know - as everyone else knows

You - shoulda - coulda done better by me too

And if you woulda - I just might have been a better man for you



We both shoulda known better

And yes

We both woulda - shoulda - coulda done be...

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Love lostPoem

A walk in the garden with Juliet (How many Romeos have you killed?)

Hey, Juliet, your time has come and you’re alone.

All your childhood dreams have grown and your still standing in your sequins.

Reflections prompt so many questions while loosing your religion:


Maybe you shouldn’t have listened to your mother?

Could Romeo have been disguised as another,

Simply passed over as just another lover?

Always searching for the ideal partner…



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Love lostpoem

When Our Song Becomes a Prayer

After I'm gone

And our song becomes a prayer

When your day is long

You have this gift

To sing or to hum along

To fill the empty place

With our memories


When annoyances become found recollections

When forgiveness would have been a better choice

Or simply a more passive quiet voice

When love is deserved least - we love the most 

Know that I love you more than...

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Love lost

Wicked Game

entry picture

I lost
In the wicked game we played;
The distorted rules we make,
The empty words we say,
And the goodbyes in the end of May;

I lost
The lies of February's promise;
And the man I want to love.
Cruel honesty that got us in the beginning, and the only thing that's left for us in the end.

By June, a threat of winter's cold;
It wasn't even close to turn our hearts to stone
A teared hear...

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broken dreamsbroken hearted poemBroken heartsemptyguessing gameLove lostWicked game

Difference between mundane and heavenly

entry picture

I wrote a poem you'll never read
I'll sing a song you'll never hear
As the pictures on the wall starts to fade
As the dust invades the picture frames
And the seasons come and passed outside my window pane
I still hadn't learned a thing
Time passess as quickly as the clouds crossing from the endless of skies
Your name resonates in the eternal soul of mine
A mundane thing to do is to cry
A ...

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deathdeath loss friendlife after deathlovelove eternalLove lostlove poemslove poetryMurder death lovetogether after death



"As you are bewitched
By my beauty
Allow me to be a bit naughty!

Pleasure expect not to gain
Without a little pain.

Take me to
The most expensive
Restaurants that exist.
Let me order dishes top
On the menu list.
Hurry let us go
To another place
Having for an open -kitchen
A space.
Don't you doubt
I have interest
For a none-stop bout.

Buy me
Expensive cosmetics
And shoes

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Love lostSad

remembering love

I still remember the first time we made love,

It was simple and easy, with your weight above.

I remember expecting pain and feeling none,

I remember biting my lip when we were done.

It was so long ago, half a decade gone by,

But it still keeps me warm when you're not by my side.

Perhaps it's wrong I know I ought to move on,

But how do you stop an oncoming storm.

I still wis...

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breakupheartbreaklove lostlove making

hollow inside

Always I think of you,

I don't know why I do.

It opens doors I cannot close,

I feel adrift in the chaos.

Each time I look inside of me,

Searching for something to hold to my heart.

A memory of pain or fight or slight,

So I can say it's good we're apart.

 I find nothing, there is nothing to find

You were good to me, you treated me right.

I'm lost and lonely I now need ...

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breakupHeartbreakLove lost


Left ventricle
Right ventricle
Steady pumping
Beats out 
Biological rhythm
Never stopping
She's gone 

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Love lost

Going, Going, Gone

Push the button, light the cord
Too slow
Quiet storm
Operator, switchboard! 

Say hello, say goodbye
You say yes
You say no
Operator, standbye!

Hold a look, try realign
Hold your hips
Kiss your neck
Operator, hold the line!

Hold my hand, send me images
Magic beans
Pied piper
Operator, accept all charges!

Tried, couldn't reconnect
Mumble, stumble
Lost for words
Operator, d...

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Love lost

You Won’t Come Back to Me This Time

You walk to the door and I’m just sitting here,

Second guessing myself.

I see you are moving on. I fear,

I’ll be the dusty book in the back of your shelf.


You open the door and I’m just laying here,

Doubting if my decision was right.

I know I was the one who let you go my dear,

But I thought you’d be the one wh...

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loveLove lostmissing

I Can't

All is peaceful and still and then, in the back of my mind

It begins.


It travels like a wave, slipping silent over my head and

Around my heart where it stays and waits.


But for what does it wait and for how long will its

Patience last before it leaves me for good?


In spite of these uncertainties and my fear of its leaving again,

I still welcome its coming.



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feelingshopelovelove lostlove poetrypassionsadnesssorrow

entry picture

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brokenbroken hearted poemcaliforniaexperiencelos angeleslovelove lostpoempoetryreal lifesad

Blue boy

O how you sweet were your poisonous lies, my love

How they made me give every single piece of me

How you them made me willingly drank all the poison in

That all I can ask myself is why

Why play with my heart if you never intended to respect it?

It will forever be a mystery for me that people like you can exist

But for the boy with the blue in his eyes

with the desperate love i...

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Love lost

Your emptiness

Do not fill my empty

Because you are emptiness in itself

Do not praise my beauty

Because my beauty should be there without your praise

Do not say you love me

Because loving me is what I should do

Do not make me yearn

Because yearning makes me so sad

Do not make me happy

Because when you go my happiness goes

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Love lost

Bride and gloom

How could she go

cause her daddy wasn’t far away 

unless she really wants 

to kiss to this sad song 

the difference is we both wake up

to the cadence of a different love 

then I am made like the villain 

I only want a peaceful morning 

do you remember when 

I saw you fucking him again 

don’t you forget 

to say you’re sorry

the bloom is off the rose 

let’s fin...

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Love lostLOVE SONGsocial commentarySocial Observations



Eyes so dark like drowning in molten mystery 
Your stare shatters my resolve
A seraphic touch played its music on my skin
Your hands lead me into danger
A rhythmical voice that unburdens my heart
Your song confuses my mind
A remembered dream that torments my sleep
Your face impregnates the screen
Once my lover now my friend
Your silence screams at me
Betrayal bites the hand that fed...

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BetrayalconfusionLove lost

Learning to live, without loving you

You confessed your love for me so soon
Brought light into my dark seedy life 
You had my heart, as the stars have the moon 
But you've ripped it apart like paper to a knife 

I cannot continue this path much longer 
For my efforts are always dismissed 
I'm weakening where you are stronger 
I've been at my knees since we kissed 

I beg of you to loosen your grip 
Let me go and tend to my...

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loveLove lostromanticism

When You Said Goodbye

When you said goodbye
 I realised deep inside
 That this would be the final time
 I ever saw your smile.
 Time came
 And God called your name
 And you floated peacefully away.
 This is permanant
 A tattoo on the heart
 A scar engraved in my skin
 I think about you everyday
 And everyday is a losing game
 Until the next time,
 Fingers crossed,
 I see you again

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deathLove lostpoetrysad poetry

Judge My Love

entry picture

She didn't understand what she did
When the first hello was said
Words soft and sweet wanting more
Listening to every word she told
Honest and fun a sweetheart's tale
Giggles to stupid jokes I failed
Becoming depended on her each day
Each moment I think of her
My drug it seems, I'm addicted
Orgasmic pleasures with her miles away
More erotic than I ever imaged
Wanting more than I could have
I wish for differen...

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loveLove lostuink

Waiting for her

A connection between you and me

A lost connection in time i cant find

I cant let go as it comes by

A fortune lost in space

A fortune in her heart and i cant find the keys

with struggle I breathe

A nightmare that never ends

If it comes to an end I fall

we have our separate ways

Just that one piece we need to see

A chance

space is infinity

The emotions I cry with ...

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Love lost

A poem youll never hear

Just another drop love, just another glass.

Just another bottle , im sure that this one will last.

Just another day gone , just another week ,

Its only here and there love, its just to help me sleep.

Its just another month where ive felt a little stressed

And ive needed it to get me by and decide on what is best,

Its just another argument , that I cant remember now ….

I know t...

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alcohol abuseLove lostMothers

It's not easy

This feeling I can't control, 
I can't name it and I just don't know, 
It's nothing I've felt before,

So I can't just ignore, 
This tragic change inside, 
My stomach hurting and I can't hide, 
From this feeling I might deny, 
Is this all just a lie? 
I can't help but expect the worst, 
And honestly I think I'm cursed, 

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Love lost


I would once again like to awaken with you be my side;

to have the pleasure of gazing into the beauty of your unfathomable soul through your deep dark eyes.

Through every step of it I could sense your warm presence hovering beside me;

smiling at me;

filling my being with everything that you had.

The yearning to be with you was all I could think of.

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Love lost

I'm to leave now

entry picture


By: Ali Taha Alnobani

I'm to leave now

A tall ghost is carrying my bag

A long street is walking behind me

A mad merchant bought my smiles

And no water to renew the dusk

I can't have my step begun

Even if the rain washed my tears


I'm to leave now

Can I have a deep look at your eyes?

Can I take my dreams, your smile

And my dried red rose?


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Rifle and Violin

entry picture
Song Against War
By : Ali Taha Alnobani
© 2011 by Ali Taha Alnobani
Helicopters were over us
Noise and fuss
Yesterday with orchestra
And today in battle
My life seems like a shuttle
The violin that was touching my neck
Became today a rifle
The tune of dancing and love
Just now became blood and pus
Noise and fuss

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Love lostlove poemsLOVE SONGmovementmusicMusic & Poetrypeacepoetry muserifleviolin

Sofia's Masterpiece Story

entry picture
By: Ali Taha Alnobani
© 2011 by Ali Taha Alnobani
A lot of people I knew
Tried to cross long bridges
Sofia's masterpiece story
Ended among her princes
They wished her to describe the picture
But she forgot her eyes
Upon the bridges' fences
A rhyme made of life
Attacked her burned senses
I adored Sofia
But the trees imposed ...

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falling in loveLondonLonginglossloss of hairloveLove lostlove passionlove poemsLOVE SONGlove sonnetmaserpiecepoetpoetryrhymeromantic distance love dan hookssofiastoryway

Winter In My Soul

Its cold outside

And Winter in my soul

The virgin snowfall numbs my thoughts

And my eyes and ears are frozen whole


Still cold and colder still

Passion frozen as passion will

And still the snowflakes fall

As silently as a snowflake tends to fall


As cold as cold can be

And the heat within means nothing

It’s the heat from a thousand words in moti...

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loveLove lostsplit up

Ode To A Long Lost Lover

I don’t know if you remember me, we met thirty years ago

And made love in my council house flat

I remember the day quite well

And although I’ve never mentioned it, I was totally under your spell


We met for lunch in Manchester

And later I took you home

It was raining outside if I remember

But inside it was a beautiful day


We slipped into bed so easy


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loveLove lostloved

Dead Letter

entry picture

A weepie for bedtime in the UK,,, Ahhh!


I don’t receive love letters anymore,

I am so wounded; I am an empty husk,

A zombie moping with an always-eye on open door,

Drifting through an empty house, an empty life, what for?


To sit upon our window seat and read the love you wrote,

With blades of sunshine pouring in that strike your scented word,

I’d choke up...

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Love lost

Once I Loved You

I loved you once as deeply as any man could Will
and, if the darkest truth were known,
in my heart I love you truly still
Though the distance that lies between us
 may seem so very far apart
space and time will not unbind
the aching, raging heart
So farewell my love and lover once
and, as lovers ever true,
we will live and laugh and love again
like lovers that are new

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despairhopelovelove lostpaintragedy

I Thank You

entry picture


I thank you for the quietness,

For the bank on which I wasn’t left,

For your soul which gave me happiness,

For letting me know my craft.


Yes, I loved, but… in the way I could.

Yes, I laughed, but… in the way of my mood.

When falling down I drank and smoked,

But there were always  prank and I joked.


I simply knew I was not lonely,

I didn’t re...

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Love lost




You only feel lonely when you’re in a crowd
Say you need peace and quiet then turn the music up loud
Only feel let down when you’re being held up
Say you’re okay, and then almost erupt
Only feel my presence when I’m far away
Only say go, when you want me to stay.

You speak words of wisdom and act like a fool
Set high standards for others, then break every rule

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lifeLoveLove lostPoetryreal life




Trapped in this awful fucking life where I wanted to love but ruined the chance when I got it. I’ll never forget her but what does that matter now with defeat snapping at my heels, she fully understands the past snapping at her heels, like mine does. Her words, not mine. I surrender to the nightmare night-time dark veil of defeat and await my end. It came sooner than I thought...

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deathlove lostshiptrappedwar

She Stood thin and very Straight

I was at a MIND writing class today in Macclesfield given, 5 minutes to write about a line from a book here is what I came up with 


Tall and slender, looking from the window,

the sun rose across the sky, a mesmerising enchanting lulaby,

awaking her senses breathing new life into the day.


Yet it was broken by the crash of thunder, the smash, last, the rain whipped aga...

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BooksLove lostMINDMr MenRainWeather

Remember Not ...


Sharp and sudden, the cruel slash of searing pain
begins to fade yet forms the deepest scar.
Smouldering gut wrenching embers burn mouth dry
and storms torrential ashen eyes
for a love that lasts and lingers long.
And when there is time to remember
what used to and may yet still be
think only of the beauty that was had
not loves tragic mournful loss
but only of summer da...

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love lost

Lost in translation upon a sun kissed shore - Sulina's Maudlin Charm


On a sun kissed shore long ago I left you crying

Along a forgotten highway we used to tread

Down by the river delta we screamed our hearts out

Places where we were only recently two lovers, hand in hand instead

I’m not sure your heart was quite ready for the emotions that I brought with me

Yet for a while we were the talk of the town, for you had never before walked ha...

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holidaysLove lost

like paper

entry picture


In a dream

I took your hand.

It felt like paper.


You tried to hide it

in your pocket.

But I pursued it.


Then you moved away.




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Love lost

Setting fire to a hundred and one things of love

entry picture

Its been in the cupboard long enough
Been in the shoebox shoved at the back of the shelf
Hundred and one items of love
Hundreds and thousands
Like alphabet spaghetti I’m all mixed up
My heart still holds words of love
But your gone
So no point writing
Or holding on anymore
Time to scatter this history upon the floor
And sort it all out
Let it all go

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Love lost

My Foolish Heart

entry picture


My foolish heart!


Stop beating so nervously and quickly!


I have no more strength to bear this pain,


everything is quite plain.


My eyes have become tearless,


my arms have become helpless,


I have no more strength of will,


I am so tired and ill.


There is no more sense to forgive,


there is no more sense ...

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Love lost


entry picture


I would come back


but the roads are hidden.


Though many times were ridden


they haven't left any tracks.




I would come as a spring dawn


breaking the winter's yearning,


greeting the beauty of the morning,


the first flowers on the lawn.




I would come as a tender rain,


as an April t...

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Love lost

The Stone I Own

entry picture

She Drilled a hole through it
A faux diamond 8 mm bit
Couldn’t afford the real thing
Passed the noose
Made a pendant
To hide an empty heart
Like a millstone
When it calls to a well,
Or water
The cloth sack to take the kittens,
Back to heaven,
It weighs me down.
I wish on it.
But the pebble just dashed the hope
And I hung on a threadbare rope
Of your return

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Love lost

Facade of broken smiles

entry picture


This isn’t happiness,

This is a set of lips, 

Curling at the corners,

Retired from being kissed,

This is a facade,

The back arched,

Leaning in to whisper,

I’m destroyed by culture.

This is emptiness,

Vacancy forming dust,

This isn’t happiness,

It never was.

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Broken heartsCultureFacadeHappinessLoveLove lost

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