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June's warm daylight comes

My thoughts of him linger on

June's nights are lonely

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I Can't

All is peaceful and still and then, in the back of my mind

It begins.


It travels like a wave, slipping silent over my head and

Around my heart where it stays and waits.


But for what does it wait and for how long will its

Patience last before it leaves me for good?


In spite of these uncertainties and my fear of its leaving again,

I still welcome its coming.



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Sunrise Lover


Sunrise lover from

Soft, warm darkness.

Light filters in at sunrise and

Rises from the floor and spreads to the ceiling.

As the room brightens, his form slowly comes into being,

Emerging from the rumpled pile of bedclothes.

Smooth, soft, dark and lovely.

I lie with him, my face resting against his.

In the half light I can just make out

His eyelashes, resting on hi...

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