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I sit inside watching the snow fall from the dark grey sky.

I see you, not physically, but mentally.

A memory of us filled each snowflake.

It started out beautiful and high in the clouds.

Then it floated down lessening in beauty and in shape.

Until it eventually hit the hard cold ground shattering and turning into nothing.

I sit and watched our past disappear into the gravel neve...

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Thats Love

A feeling unknown surrounds my aching bones,


A feeling felt before but on a totally different course,


A good, bad, happy, sad, feeling of confusion,


An autopsy needed to look at my heart before these feelings stop,


All this makes no since and writing it out in inconvenient,


As I try to separate words from feeling I end up lost,


There are no words to ...

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The Dark

I cower every time I see you.


Hiding beneath my bed


Or in my closet


Or in my head.


I can feel you watching me


As I sleep


Or dream


Or close my eyes.


I can feel your breath


Hot, heavy, and wet


Against my neck.


I cower every time I see you.


Wishing there was no where


For you to hide


Or reve...

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- for a friend

It's not easy

This feeling I can't control, 
I can't name it and I just don't know, 
It's nothing I've felt before,

So I can't just ignore, 
This tragic change inside, 
My stomach hurting and I can't hide, 
From this feeling I might deny, 
Is this all just a lie? 
I can't help but expect the worst, 
And honestly I think I'm cursed, 

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Love lost


She can feel the full moon drawing her, closer, and closer.

Eyes open wide, her pupils suffused over her green eyes.

Slowly turning her soul black, the moonlight whispered her name.

She followed the voice that extended across the land.

Each step drawing her closer to darkness, and to no return.

She arrived at the edge of the forest stopping dead in her tracks.

She looked back gla...

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october fever

Beauty and the Beast

Who is to determine ones beauty?

What is Beauty?

Beauty is simple,

Its the DNA used to create a life,

Sometimes beauty is ugly,

And sometimes it is pretty,

By this in no way do I compare to looks,

It's not the shape of your body,

It's not the shape of your nose,

It's not the shape of your smile,

It's not the shape of your eyes,

It's not the color of your hair,


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Thirsty For Love


The taste or iron
lingered on my lips 
Hot cherry red 
Dripping down my chin
Your neck pierced 
By my sharpened daggers
Called fangs
They dripped a mixture 
Of blood and venom
Your taste on my tongue
Made it hard to stop 
Extracting that sweet
Warm body fluid
I kissed your neck
As I watched you 
Change into one of us
A predator 
You were ...

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bloody loveeternitypoetry


The leaves fall

Tumbling to the ground

Each branch of the tree

Getting bare and brittle

Some leaves fall straight down

Some leaves get carried by the wind

I sit and watch

Each leaf on an adventure

Some broken

Some cracked

Some gone from view

Each one leaving a memory

On the big tree

That is now nude

And pure

My heart was once pure

And covered in a ge...

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You look me up and down as if I am a nobody.

Just a shadow in your way or just a memory in your past.

What you didn't realize is I was looking through you in the same way. 

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My hands rest gently amungst your chest as we lay in this forbidden place.

I can see the dark figures surrrounding us, forcing us closer than ever before.

What do they want from us, or which one of us do they want?

Piercing red eyes filled the little room suffocating our little space that was once happy.

Terrified I hold onto your body with no intention to let go of my security blanket...

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If The World Was Going To End

If the world was going to end,
And all life was going to bend,
Then I know what I would do,
And It involves me and you.
Jack is first to arrive,
Then some Yeager to survive,
Whiskey's next on the list,
And captain Morgan won't be missed.
We drink and slurp all night long,
Because there is nothing left to go wrong,
We walk down the empty road,
Talking in o...

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AlcoholFunWorld Endpoetry


Your touch still lingers on my skin like the warm yet cold breeze of the wind,


Your kiss heavy leaves an imprint on my lips like the moist rain that steadily drips,


Your laugh still gives me the bees in my gut like hiding from the storm in that little hut,


Your body close to mine in a gentle embrace like the love surrounding our little space,


Your voice calming an...

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Forsaken Love

Prince Charming  a soul meant to roam my heart,
A deadly man with a poisoned dart,
The breath of a gentle kiss, 
Or the meaning of this eternal bliss,
The one who walked right into my life, 
Taking my heart with a knife,
Who knows what there is to behold, 
But this love is not to be sold, 
Take it wisely as you run, 
And bring...

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Her thoughts were irrational as she paced back and fourth down the hall,

She felt her mind and body start to build an emotional stone wall,

Her head ached in pain that she could not escape,

She was stuck in this emotional enraged mind rape,

Her body sunk into her soul as her eyes turned black,

She felt herself letting go and slipping into an invisable crack,

Her heart became life...

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Cold Nights

Cold nights,
Desperate halls,
Filled with old pictures on the walls,
Empty rooms,
Broken hearts,
Casualties forced apart,
Silent whispers,
Ice cold tears, 
Looking at what you've become in the mirror,
All the aching past dreams still withstood, 
But even still your misunderstood.

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The green grass dies beneath her feet, 
As she holds in her cry to a settle weep, 
Her heart gets taken by her big black sole,
As her eyes change color black as coal,
The wind howls across the sky, 
As her past was all a white lie, 
The trees turn grey with the fading sun, 
And she knew then all was done, 
The time moved slow as the c...

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Broken, battered, shattered, bruised, everything to abused. 
A faint, quiet, steady, pulse, with nothing left but remorse.
The blood hot, burning, boiling, in her veins, left nothing else to explain. 
Her heart was fried and almost gone, until he came along and fixed what was wrong. 
With a little tape, love, and compassion, that old heart would have an allergic reaction. 
Now it be...

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