promises, promises

promise me, darling,

when you’ve moved out and moved on

when this endless summer

becomes a misty-edged memory,

promise that you won’t forget me.

fall into an easy love with some girl

who deserves you more than i ever could,

but promise when you look in her eyes

that sometimes you’ll see a glimmer

of me in her, and you’ll wonder

what i look like now, what i’m doing,

because for me every love after you

feels a little counterfeit. promise

that you’ll think of my hands and hips

like they’re still in your grasp,

and know that your fingerprints

are permanently sketched into my skin.

promise that when the weather turns south

and the rain knocks at your double-panes

you’ll think, if only for a moment,

of blankets and bodies wrapped so close

they’re hardly distinguishable.

promise that you’ll remember

the taste of my lips as well

as if we got the ending i wished for.

but promise, darling, not to forget her.

she is what you needed,

she is strong and beautiful.

you wouldn’t settle for less.

promise not to fall in love with a memory,

because at least one of us should.


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