The Trap


Im trapped. 


I can can bang on the walls but to you it just sounds like a knock on the door. 

I can scream until my breath runs short and my lungs hurt but to you it just sounds like a whisper. 

My eyes think it’s an open door and that I can walk right through but my heart shows me that it’s bullet proof glass and I’m only going to hurt myself if I try to leave. 

My body aches and my heart pounds. I can’t reach you, yet, I can’t get away from you. 


The trap becomes a home. 

The home becomes a prison. 

The prison becomes a fortress. 

The fortress is you. 

You feel like home. 

You feel like prison. 

You feel like warmth. 

You feel like ice. 

You feel like love. 

You feel like hate. 

You’re a breathing contradiction. 


I feel small mall but too big. 

I feel safe but I’m still afraid. 

I’m certain yet uncertain. 

I feel powerful but powerless. 

I feel that you are danger. 

But you are my comfort. 

Youre my peace but my headache; my disease but my cure. 


I’m trapped. 

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