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remembering love

I still remember the first time we made love,

It was simple and easy, with your weight above.

I remember expecting pain and feeling none,

I remember biting my lip when we were done.

It was so long ago, half a decade gone by,

But it still keeps me warm when you're not by my side.

Perhaps it's wrong I know I ought to move on,

But how do you stop an oncoming storm.

I still wish to make love to you,

To wake in the same bed as you.

To sit on your face and scream,

I want you in my arms even tho we're no longer a thing.

I need to know, if you're over me,

I need to know if I can be.

Questions and answers, I'm afraid to ask or seek,

Keep me up at night as the hour grows bleak.

And then I think back to the second time we made love,

I was a litle wild a little fierce, we fit like hand and glove.

I remember as shyness came in waves,

I remember still taking what my body still craves.

That was also too long ago, half a decade gone by,

Still I hold on to it, now that you're not by my side.

It's unhealthy I know, near obsession,

But I cannot help it though I'm plagued with contrition.

I still wish for a kiss from you,

My lips on every part of you.

My lips wording 'I am still yours',

Even though I should move on, I want to hold you for hours.

I need to know if you're over me,

I need to know if I can me.

Confusion and sorrow are now in my plate,

And every night I wish for me a simple clean slate.

And then I think about the third time we made love...

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