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The First Try

Started writing this piece of poetry

Wondering how to go with the flow

Lots of thoughts in my mind

Can’t wait for all of them to grow

As i now happen to grind 

How it shall go? I don’t even know


In the pursuit of getting it together

Those words went away from my mind for sometime

But it feels like forever

I wish i could write like her

For how she puts it altogeth...

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The Crossroads

The Crossroads
When your lost on a path down the darkest of highways
When you don’t have a light to lead down the byways
When the roads all converge on the charcoal tunnels
And the skyways take you to the dark smoking funnels.

When you look in the mirror and the bogey man stares back
When you formulate peace into your plan of attack
But looking around shows you only the corners
And eve...

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Also by mentalelf. Philk.:

Haiku |

Select all the images with Motorcycles



Select all images with motorcycles


I try to understand the world 

I don’t understand the world 

I start with a small corner 

big enough for myself and a dog 


and then I add you 

and the corner loses its edges 

the confusion turns into 

some kind of theatre 


and sometimes I return 

to that solitude 

and add it to yours 

and it brings some...

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Also by Robert C Gaulke:

Others | Game of Life | New music work | Gimme the Unusual |

River Of Tears

All through this night your words have had me reeling;

I thought I felt the growth of a connection,

but now I’ve had to second-guess that feeling.


The glut of tears reflect on my dejection;

No matter what I do, I can’t stop crying,

for what you said can only mean rejection.


Was any of it real, or were you lying?

Why would you stoop to toy with my affections,

to le...

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Also by Trevor Alexander:

Villanelle | Uncomplicated | Favourite |

..on earth as it is in heaven...

stony gods of abandonment
give the sieve a shake
there's shelter in the tenement 
but high stakes upon the plain
fists round like pomegranates
fit beneath the jutting rib
hooks full with undead dying
and gawping mouths unfit to live
--take comfort in the all-in-all
the fishers' boats are sinking
where they can't afford th...

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Also by Landi Cruz:

street fighter | we are not yet dead |


The irate bull

That occasionally

Shows up in a scene

Of a twisted dream,

Doesn’t charge towards me



An old, familiar house

That had granted no entries,

Is tonight welcoming me

With wide open door.


All the forgotten memories

Begin surfacing up

Without disturbances.


I no longer

Hear the dreadful

Sirens of an unexpectedly


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Also by Manish:

Thick-Skinned | Book Fair | Schrödinger’s Smiley Kind of Days | Blame the Moon | Reassurance | There's Still a Tomorrow | January | A Cold Goodbye |

I sat and listened.....

I sat and listened.....


I sat on the floor of the sitting room

as my parents and grandparents occupied the chairs.

I listened to their adult onversation

as they expressed themselves and their feelings.

A family gathering, sacrosanct and in

the confines of a secluded and safe environment.


I was at an impressionable age

trusting and eager to please.

I listened at...

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Also by keith jeffries:

Those Sultry Summers | A Cockpit | An Open Mind | Rooms of Gloom | Prove it....... | Return to Oman | Andalucia |

Butterflies Alight

Butterflies flutter


when we are nervous,

butterflies alight

on flowers

to say hello,

little messengers,

reminding us to breathe

and smell the flowers.

No need to hurry,

no need to worry,

life unfolds

at its own pace,

problems resolve

at their own pace.

Be like a tree,

steady and calm,

open branches

inviting the butterflies

to rest on ...

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Also by Hélène:

Carry On, Oh Fellow Voyager | Look Up to the Sky | Sitting On A Cloud | I Ask | Walking |

 Boy on a Stoop


The boy sits on a stoop watching in quiet solitude

As a person rushes by with an impassive attitude

Eyes staring straight ahead to avoid any activity

Perhaps afraid of what by chance he might see

He’s missed the shadow dancing across the street

With graceful rhythm she moves her skillful feet

A woman smokes on the fire escape far above

And farther up come the coos of a mo...

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Also by Tim Higbee:

Struggling With Those Two Roads | Common Sense | World View |

Sea shine



I wish I'd  known from the very start
which mountain the sun came from,
eyes can be deceiving in rain,
fountains, rain-corralled, tempt me into sleeping on your neck to serve a servitude of roses.
in which green bay the rolling sea spies on me, seawater-deep, but  not at all clear,
lagoons on tropical Islands are lost on me.
kind of like fantasy.

I wish you and I knew from t...

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Also by John E Marks:

A Time it was | circus poet | Setting off | Biba — 1967 | April showers |

Angels Call

At a loss to know what happened, I did not see you fall
I wasn't  there, I didn't see when Angels came to call
A world without, memories now is all I see
I leave you now,  to say your own soliloquy.....

This is could be my own exposition,
Bills, money, world events, my own loneliness decision
People all around me but I'm hiding the pain
Physical illness or mental strife is all that I gain

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Also by Mike Horsfall:

Dementia | Homeless | Do you remember? | First and Last | Dark Side | The Last of Us | True Cost | Rat's Race | The Lighthouse Keeper's Lament | Lest we Forget |

loss of humanitypain. sorrow. heart breaksuicide awarenessmental healthlosssadness

The Fields Of Avalon


(Part 1)


I remember you saying

Back when we were young

That sometimes you felt

Like a song left unsung


That reality was fake:

Our dreams held the key

And there lay the truth

Of how life should be


You were the princess

And I, the dashing knight

who saved you from the monsters 

And a pit of endless plight


Down to the woods I'd go:

A ...

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Also by Stephen W Atkinson:

Mind Garden |


A lovers agreement

At the point in time when I am dying

I know that you will fulfill your promise,

to bathe my body in precious unguents

in the same way you did for your Mother


such a beautiful showing of devotion it was

that I tearfully, repectfully, witnessed.

Your taking of each of her hands in turn

bathing each one, in sweet smelling fragrant oil

before rearranging them again, by her...

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Also by Bethany Sallis:

In praise of an obsolete pylon | Inexcusable | For the love of a Ghost | Don't be a Politicians nodding Donkey | Obliged to accept |

Nature’s Green

Amongst emerald-coloured fields, where nature's dreams unfold,

Lush verdant hues paint vibrant tales, as yet untold. 

There, between the mystic realm of love and life, serene,

Landscape blankets woven, composed in shades of green.


Beneath canopies of majestic leafy boughs,

I lie silently alone and casually browse

an arborous ballet; mellow breezes reanimate the scene


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Embrace the Power within !!!

Embrace the Power within !!!

The pursuit of a fulfilling career isn't wrong,

Ambition isn't a fault, but a song.

Self-belief isn't arrogance, but a guide,

Choosing which feedback to heed is wise.

In this one life, have faith and trust,

In yourself, you'll find your true thrust.

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self confidenceSelflove

Excuses...I Have None


To take your last breath, did I make you wait?

I’m so so sorry Mum, so sorry I got there late.

They said I was ok to go home, the nurse said so.

I held your hand all night, but then I let it go.

‘Get some rest’ they told me’ ‘go home’ they said.

I sat beside you all night, I sat there by your bed.

But then I went home, they said that would be ok.

‘There will be no change ...

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Also by Mike Bartram:

The 98th Angel | The Watery Snare |

I jumped into the wrong plane

As a photographer I was assigned to take pictures of a roaring forest fire.

A plane at the local airport I had arranged to hire.

At the airport I jumped into the plane and excitedly said ,"let's go."

"Fly over the fire and hover three or four timrs below ."

After taking off the pilot says,"Wby are we doing this over such a devastating fire ?"

"I'm a photographer,"Traumatised.the pil...

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Also by hugh:

Wrong dog | “By the grace of God there’s been a revival .”said Grace | The honesty of a drink driver doesn’t pay | To rebrand the Post Offfice with a new name is a must !! | A ten pound note swallowed,as yet no change | A lack of doctor’s appointments,unable to be seen !! | A lack of doctor’s appointments,unable to be seen !! | Teenage sadness needs parental aid |

Why are we waiting?

I wonder if it could be today

that Jesus and or His Dad will be dropping in on us?

or will they continue to remain reigning 

in that supposedly saints and angels populated kingdom

on the other side of the sky?

( or wherever )

leaving us to go on wondering

if He/They are ever going to return at all?


Doesn't He ( J.C. ) and His Perfect Pater realise

that His/Their pro...

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Also by Rose G. Casserley:

Oh for Augusts production! | Missing the missing | Ruined plans in Cannes | My McMillan Nurse friend | Tenements |

Elevate the soul


In hand-crafted coins, wealth may reside,

But do not let them govern your soul's tide.

Forged in fire, with skill and might,

Their worth lies in use, not worship's light.


Let knowledge be your guiding star,

Science and literature, like beacons afar.

Seek wisdom in each written page,

To illuminate your mind and engage.


Resist the lure of mortal praise,

As G...

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Also by Ghazala lari:

The stranger | Partial eclipse | "You'll do it all... effortlessly" | The quest | "Be the reason" | Thank you!! 💐 | Settling scores |

Come back!

Honey come back home 

I’ve been alone for so long 

I don’t know how to love anymore 

I’ve been waiting here in the light 

Could you close the door? I won't say a word. 

Let me know the stars, I’ll grab your back 

Just come back and let me love you one more time. 


Christmas lights adorn the aisle, holding hands, cinnamon smell, snow in your hair, I feel the warmth of your ...

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Also by Dilsonn A. Mejía:

Like water |

Scrambled and Sunkissed

I feel you close but far away -

In a way I don't understand yet,

In a way I don't trust.

In a way, without demand

I find my thoughts drift to you.

If just motioned by a breeze,

I feel you moving through me.

I find it's never free, 

But forever attached to me.

I find time is open

But steps in metered syncopation.

I find myself frozen inside of it

I look for the a...

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Also by Katherine Page:

Caretaker | Sailboat Tales | A Solemn Mardi Gras | In the Yonder |

Frivolity of Youth

Oh the laughter I do remember, being young, selfish and carefree

Oh Hi everyone, it’s all about ME and shall I tell you little bit more about ME

Sorry dad I know you’re distressed, and looking pretty low

My taxi is here, I really have to go

Mum in seaton sluice, and seems to be fine

Nick in Australia towing the party line

Don’t think my emotional development...

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Also by harriet rusby:

(untitled) |


The thin zone is barley seen

Lurking between the sea and the sky , 

A slice of mist 

Blink and it’s gone 

It hides between the sun and the moon

A sliver of the cosmos 

Infinite in its depth 

Drawing the eye 

Playing with the dawn 

Appearing somewhere and nowhere 

Always out of reach

Ahead of the game 

Leading a dance amongst the stars 

The thin zone 


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Remove these emotions with clinical precision 

Remove them all at your discretion 

Become much less than component parts 

Scrutinised as I am torn apart 


Replace them all with new awareness 

Feelings replaced by unfeeling numbness 

No hope, no fear, no love, no pain 

No things to confuse my rewired brain 


Survey the world with detached estimation 

Free from the...

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a chapter of fear

a friction of a sense,
is a friction of a power
fear is a sense of fear
fear is a sense of friction
a sense is a sense of fear
a sense is a sense of friction
knowledge is power,knowledge is fear,knowledge is friction

power is a sense of knowledge
power is a sense of fear
knowledge fear fear
fear outweigh fear
fear is a power of fear
outweigh power,outweigh fear
knowledge outweigh kn...

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Silvery Wins

Still chasing nickels I appear to be well off

Deceived by appearance, fellows beg for shares

I am only learning to live, while surviving


Leads in my lane still hop from coin source to another

If it ain’t for money than what? I wondered

Turns out there’s mental health and mutual respect


The capitalism path I solidly believed is fading in trail

Counting down to letting...

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A Special Place For Us

Here's a special place for us, where we can run and hide

A special talk for special folks 

who try to find what rhymes!


In this special place there is a lot of room for love

and spacious exploration to be free, to be enough.


Well-designed, not too confined 

we find ourselves at home.

To be okay, to be and stay,

and safe securely roam.


I need a special plac...

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Also by Auracle:

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A Special Place For Us

The Snow's Approach

A step outside into the snow

bundled up against the cold

Its quiet comfort insulates, while

not one sound seems to escape


in the distance, traffic scrapes

against the sky, its echo waits

until the spring has come and gone

the frozen earth, long since thawed


for now that moment's far away

and now the crystals start to shape

under my nose where moisture leakes


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This poem should have not been written in the first place. 

This poem should being have something else.

This poem is different from its original meaning.

This poem is on fire when it should have been a spark. 

This poem should have been deleted or worded differently.

This poem should have been not collected or mistranslated. 

This poem should have been left as a sentence.


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Also by Andy N:

Sonnet 8 - Chorlton Bookshop | Sonnet 1 - Chorlton Water Park |


(And now for some literary high-brow.  Do try to keep up)


I bought my friend a tortoise

The best the shop could sell

He wondered what to name her

And settled on Michelle.

I have a Spanish girlfriend

For looks no one could beat her

She’s only got one front tooth

I call her my Juanita.


Oh,my! What a rotten song

What a rotten song

What a rotten song


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Also by John Coopey:




How to ponce about with words

to aim one’s arse to shape one’s turds.


Make them pleasing to the eye,

yet still attract the common fly.


Syllable or Syllabub,

is that stanza sweet enough?


That those who pander to its taste

are far too cool to be disgraced...


by calls to gladly recreate

the chunks of words which constipate...


pure thoughts ...

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Also by David RL Moore:

Gargoyles | Bastard | Tapestry | Better | The Appeal of The Licensing Laws | Ring ∞ Roads | Medals Schmedals | Oystercatcher Volcano | Beyond the Valley | Chair Leg |

The mesmerisng asset

my eyes would widen

as never before

feeling these newborn inspirations

risin from heart to mind

helping it to spiritually and metaphorically

take to the air

no longer held down by

uninspirational gravity

but flying

powered by the energizing harmonies

that are to be found in this world

almost lifting me to a height known only

to stars and angels

where I can e...

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Also by leon stolgard:

just an opinion | Depth of beloved abbreviations | The URGENT need to fight a way through | terminus | That other world of old neighbourhoods | Mayhem music | HOPE! |


thrust together at big school

we, an unusual pair, shared

an over-polished beech desk

and splintered bench, etched

with desperate hieroglyphs

of past pubescent love affairs,

your long hair, always a problem

called out at the weekly check,

mine, a smarter quiff that

wouldn't go amiss today,

thus, we tumbled through our teens

you with sure breezy talent,

me gri...

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Also by Graham Sherwood:

Flex |

Love Has Crucified Me

Love has crucified me,
My heart wants me to stay,
I can’t walk away from,
The vision of you I pray,
Love won’t let me fly,
My wings they have no life,
Love has crucified me,
And it cuts me like a knife,

I am lying on a road of emotion,
Rolling down a hill of sorrow,
Crashed into a wall of despair,
Riding on a highway to no tomorrow,
I am stuck in a dead end street,
Looking for a gui...

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Also by Tom Doolan:

Amy - She Gone | April Storm | I Wasn't Expecting Spring |

Star seeds ‘n’ the Cosmic egg - of life

Dewy lotuses, 
grow in the dark -
creating an entangling —
Flower of Life …

nature and everything — we know — has its roots
on the grounds of truth
every family tree,
a tree house.

Habitats for Humanity  

There is a lone wolf
which is black,
and blue,
in the eyes :
whom sees the world differently
depending on —
whether or not you’re 
— on his or her good or...

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There Was Wind Blowing In The Trees

My grandparents names stand in front of me

Hundreds of yards away from each other, neighborly


They were always a city away,

But now so close for eternity.

There with the named and the nameless,

Where so many lives remain only in memory.


There was wind blowing in the trees,

Sun beating down upon our face,

Some of us walked on,

Some of us stayed.


Flowers ...

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Repeat once.

he condemned
it hit me lightning fast
closed bunny styled eyes
starry night's
never reappear
lord despise
honest crafted lies
original copy's
sorrow kept

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Also by rob1967able:

Big brother. |

Thinking About You

Though you are silent

I am not so violent

You are on my mind

Your beauty is of a kind

I cannot resist to forget

How unexpectedly we met

Those erotic and lustful messages

Are stuck to my premises

Your body makes me pounce

For sure, without any doubts

My heart chanting your name

Without any remorse or shame

Wish you could understand better

But take this poetry...

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Also by Aisha Suleman:

You Turn Me On |

Give us all Your Money!

Give us all your money,

Then go and find some more;

Try borrowing from loan sharks

To maximise your score.


Steal it from the corner shop

Or from your parents’ stash;

With every tempting wager,

We’ll part you from your cash.


Your chances of a pay-out

Are vanishingly thin;

You might as well take out your wad

And chuck it in the bin.


Your bank accoun...

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Also by Stephen Gospage:

Climate Report | Guess Who? | A Village Cricketer's Lament | Words from Bucha (April 2024) |


Solitary Notebooks

Solitary Notebooks 

I've not known you

or heard you

nor been close enough

to hear you sing

some somber lullaby

to the strangers you

speak of softly and

suddenly, strangers that

deceitfully stained

your stockings

and white lace dresses

leaving through the

back door of neon lit

buildings with their

cracked concrete walls.

Yet I see

some sense


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Love, come if you can to find me,

And if you do, then please be true

And be sure to treat me kindly.

Whether the quiet sort

Or with passion wrought,

Attend if you will,

Let me drink my fill;

But if you can't -  

Don't mind me!


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Also by M.C. Newberry:


The internal conclusion

The internal conclusion 
of what’s happening inside
is confusion
and I’d be the dying bride
The confusion, 
the names he throws at me
The conclusion,
the fact that is obvious to see.

I’m not me, but still not you,
I’m not free to be, compared to what you do.
I’m not the one, and you cannot choose it
We cannot run, and you will lose it.
The conclusion will be.

The internal emotions...

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Also by Trix Joyce:

The Inner Feeling |

April 2024 Collage Poem: All Too Much

Too many holidays. Let's go to

Blackpool instead


A citadel, a red crescent, a wing

When oh when - tell me the fighting ends soon

Words weaving pictures

Wonderful windows on the world


Drink the water   Ride the 192

Round we go again, with these selections

Florid foreskins, tea-stained, tobacco

stained perhaps?


As the knife slides into diva flesh


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April collage PoemAll too MuchStockport Write Out Loud

Letting go

They say let go

What's hurting

The pain and sorrows


In reality

I've to let go

The painful memories

Of words and people

Who led me to that hurt


So it isn't the pain

I need to let go

It's the people

And the hurtful memories

They left behind

That needs to be let gone


Letting go doesn't mean erasing

The scars they left on my heart

But rele...

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Also by Sunshine:

WW III | Crazy Heartbeats | Keep going |

"I'll take coffee and a shot of cynicism."

I'm alive when the strong smell of coffee welcomes my senses.
It is enough to bring me to me feet and forget my slumber
Such a bitter aftertaste washes my tongue
Through sleepy eyes and clouded thoughts, it is the most wonderful thing to behold.
True love is cream and sugar swirling in a mug
I'm not Lorelai Gilmore but I do declare myself an addict of piping hot caffeine. 

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Flat in your bed

like a crushed soldier

when the old cause

has dissolved into defeat,

congealed to history.


In here the weather 

is uncertain - it's been

raining intermittently

for days; I mark

your little snores, try

to guess at the interior,


imagine a fiction

wherein I could conjure

peace, an alternative

reality where the soldier


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Mindless Sheep

Mindless Sheep.

Looking across the turbulent river to the hilly greeny- brown bank.

Sheep grazing, unhindered by thoughts of existence.Just being..

Knowledge of Past and Future transitory.Only the present.

Death inevitable.The future a pleasant meal for hungry carnivores .

Their purpose in life achieved.Their sacrifices unacknowledged.


The duality of existence,.Life and deat...

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Also by Ornella. Bushell:

Did I leave the heater on?(at the shop) |


Along the north coast,
where I last saw you,
dead trees still dance.

When you visit me there
I see graceful branches performing
for all who wish to attend.

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Also by Mike McPeek:

Talking with the Dead | True North | News From the Front | Hury Patience! |

Just a backup plan

In the shadows of his twisted desires,

He did not lose her, but pushed her away,

A deliberate act of cruel betrayal,

Disrespecting her wishes, mocking her dreams,

Forcing tears to fall for all she held dear.


He did not release her, but forcibly cast her aside,

Taunting her with his callous friends,

Their covetous eyes hungering for her compliance,

To serve as a pawn in...

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The Event

The Event



                                                                ‘Is this all you want of people?’



     Someone said something to me about ‘family,’

about how they felt as if insult upon them,

   I took a good look around and thought,

     we are all part of a family here,

        even if cloaked from knowing each others origins,

     we are all pa...

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Also by ZTK Space:

Unshouldered Rifle | All Shapes All Sizes, All Makes All Ways |

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