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My Love Is For Me, Not For You

Roses are red, violets are blue,

When I think of your love for me, I lose love for you.

What does my love feel like to me?

Being surrounded by beauty that only I can see.


Hidden behind my smile is someone fragile, flawed, and easily broken.

I showed you all of my healed scars and one by one you ripped them back open.

Again and again, my mind retreats to happier days while I mourn a love that’s fading away.

My life with you was once vibrant, but now my world is turning grey.


Our house haunts me with memories of how it once felt like home,

Each night we sit together, but I’ve never felt more alone.

So many things are constantly left unsaid,

In hopes to preserve our night instead…at least that’s what I say inside my head.


Love from you feels like being on the edge of a skyscraper with a fear of heights,

Or being scared of the dark while I’m trapped in a room with no lights.

Am I addicted to the misery or are you just the devil I know?

Your avoidance and rejection are the poison that prevents our love from being able to grow.


After spending so many years drowning my cheeks in tears,

I’ll swallow my pride and hold my head up high while I face my fears.

My shaking hands cling to the shattered pieces of my heart as tears fill my eyes anew,

The scars on my heart will heal in time, because now my love is for me, not for you.


love lostlovelessmarriagevulnerabilityraw poetrydepressionstrengthperseverancefragileflawedeasily brokendarkloneliness

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