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Meritless Words

Words are such a funny thing,

Without actions that align, what value do words bring?

An illusion curated specifically for you,

By someone you wish so deeply would speak things that are true.


Screaming in anger, giving passionate praise, whispers of love, tone dripping in disgrace,

Love and hate simultaneously spewed in your face.

How is one supposed to feel,

Not knowing w...

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raw poetrydarkbroken promisesdesperationhopeless romantictrustpeople and actionsdisappointment

I Swear I Won't Mourn You 


I swear I won't mourn you 


I won't miss the days 

Of snuggling up to you 

Of you kissing away my fears

Of the long phone calls talking about our days

They never happened anyway


I won't miss the time you visited

And baked my favorite dish

And watched the kids while I went for a run

And folded my laundry tightly

It never happened anyway


I won't mi...

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It's Not a Story / No es un Cuento

Everyone loves a story, 
whether it's made up or true,
the Pharisee commander, with his tongue,
was a master of this art

People looked forward to hearing him
when he went out to preach,
he would recite litanies for hours incessantly;
everyone applauded him endlessly

Stories well told by the Pharisee commander,
so elaborate that they were taken as the truth,
and bewitched people gave ...

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Starting Today

As of today

I'll only be in your memory,

a trunk full of remembrances

you’ll want to throwaway

and remove forever

imagining you’ll forget me


From today on

I'll just be an empty space in your bed

you cannot embrace

and my scent on your pillow

that you will not forget


Starting today

I'll only be

a worn out image in your dreams

that will hush the pa...

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Lock Down Bank Holiday Let Down

The bank holiday, just like any other it would seem

People lined up for burgers, queued for ice cream

Traffic jams and chaos, they raced to beauty spots

Roads filled with cars and bikes, so few parking slots


They parked on pavements, blocking walkers' way

Locals wished the tourists had not visited that day

Was it too much to hope, common sense would prevail

I wish that th...

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My gums are bleeding again.

There’s a stack of papers that need attention

But I can’t find my glasses.

My truck is making that funny noise.


I sleep too late

Because no one wakes me.

I don’t write

I feel it’s all been said.


I find I’m repeating myself

No one takes me seriously

Your point’s been made:

I am selfish and fickle,

Say whate...

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lost lovelove poemsheartbreakregretmistakesBroken heartdisappointmentsadnessLonging


real total silence
wouldn’t be so bad
what´s cruel is that you never get
total silence
you just get
enough noise
to remind you
how beautiful music is
but you never
get to listen
to a full song

Not enough
but just enough

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Without saying anything

What you were,

what you embraced

and I discovered


When we were,

or so I thought,

overflowed my imagination

thinking I loved you


You could be the twilight in my dreams,

the breath of my words,

the taste of my mornings, 

everything I've longed for,

but you quickly forgot me


It's hard not to feel the imprint of your conquest,

just thinking of it m...

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Sorry, I'm temporarily done

Sorry buddy for what's gone on
If only you had actually known
How much that  I sacrificed for you
And this friendship that I thought was true

I honestly stood by you always
I was the friend that would have stayed
But in the end it was you that betrayed
Me in the most hurtful of ways

We had a history that we kept a mystery
Because it wasn't knowledge that we wanted freed
Why is that a...

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avoidancebetrayaldisappointmentdistrustFriendshipissueslet downloss of friendshippainpauseproblemssadnesssorrytime awaytime out

The Tower of the Winds

The Tower of the Winds was built in marble more than 2,000 years ago in the Roman Agora (meeting place) of Athens. It is believed to be the world's first weather station (and public time-piece). Almost intact, its octagonal construction echoes the eight principal compass points. Saved from the depredations of Lord Elgin, who plotted its removal to Britain over 200 years ago, the restored Tower now...

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Sometimes I’m here, 
others elsewhere, 
gone, lost in my head, 
a round, a square. 

disappointment frowns. 

At my best always 
when there’s nothing left 
and all I ever do 
is stand on the edge.


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'I am open to the possibility' you said,

'of love with you, at least I was,

then something happened which drove me quite mad.'


Love is not a possibility

a stranger at the door

you may invite inside

if fancy takes you;


Love is not a beggar

after a bowl of soup

which you can refuse

if your day’s been rough;


Love is not a tree in the garden

which you...

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Interest Only


all square within the confines
of the cask conditioned discothèque
from without my fitful anti-sleep
came the wasps 
and creeping hands 
that spidered across the ceiling and floor
unsure of the etiquette for trembling
yet, for three pages, I was
in the clear, gone, beyond the provincial
boots of leaden grit, though by the fourth
the int...

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How unfair is human’s nature!

A man is a lucky creature!

He can see a woman’s breast at once

And tries to get his chance.

But what a woman should do?

Sometimes she realize that….

She’s got a surprise

When she see the gun’s size.


©Larisa Rzhepishevska

January the 12th,2011

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