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'I am open to the possibility' you said,

'of love with you, at least I was,

then something happened which drove me quite mad.'


Love is not a possibility

a stranger at the door

you may invite inside

if fancy takes you;


Love is not a beggar

after a bowl of soup

which you can refuse

if your day’s been rough;


Love is not a tree in the garden

which you...

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Fuck it, I’m indecisive

I need to make a decision
And make it fucking quick
A matter life or death
It’s making me feel sick
It’s really not that hard
This thing I need to do
A very simple choice
Number one or number two
I see the merits of both
From my view on the fence
I must fall on one side
Before I can recommence
They’re starting to get painful
These splinters in ...

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entry picture

Years flow by

unpinned by indecision;

to study or not;

women or not;

work or not;

conformity or not;

drugs or not;

to bother or not;

suicide or not.

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