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Sorry, I'm temporarily done

Sorry buddy for what's gone on
If only you had actually known
How much that  I sacrificed for you
And this friendship that I thought was true

I honestly stood by you always
I was the friend that would have stayed
But in the end it was you that betrayed
Me in the most hurtful of ways

We had a history that we kept a mystery
Because it wasn't knowledge that we wanted freed
Why is that a...

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Sadness follows the ends of my hands,

Gravel broken sideways. 


Finish the beginning to confirm the edges,

Shadows digging deeper.


The bridge built for the followers,

Leans forward,

Above that brittle and cold creek.


Water fills holes to drown the children,

Your gasps unending,

A quiet end on the side of relief and tranquility.


Following the bitter ...

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The Tower of the Winds

The Tower of the Winds was built in marble more than 2,000 years ago in the Roman Agora (meeting place) of Athens. It is believed to be the world's first weather station (and public time-piece). Almost intact, its octagonal construction echoes the eight principal compass points. Saved from the depredations of Lord Elgin, who plotted its removal to Britain over 200 years ago, the restored Tower now...

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Sometimes I’m here, 
others elsewhere, 
gone, lost in my head, 
a round, a square. 

disappointment frowns. 

At my best always 
when there’s nothing left 
and all I ever do 
is stand on the edge.


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'I am open to the possibility' you said,

'of love with you, at least I was,

then something happened which drove me quite mad.'


Love is not a possibility

a stranger at the door

you may invite inside

if fancy takes you;


Love is not a beggar

after a bowl of soup

which you can refuse

if your day’s been rough;


Love is not a tree in the garden

which you...

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Interest Only


all square within the confines
of the cask conditioned discothèque
from without my fitful anti-sleep
came the wasps 
and creeping hands 
that spidered across the ceiling and floor
unsure of the etiquette for trembling
yet, for three pages, I was
in the clear, gone, beyond the provincial
boots of leaden grit, though by the fourth
the int...

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entry picture


How unfair is human’s nature!

A man is a lucky creature!

He can see a woman’s breast at once

And tries to get his chance.

But what a woman should do?

Sometimes she realize that….

She’s got a surprise

When she see the gun’s size.


©Larisa Rzhepishevska

January the 12th,2011

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Battery Low

entry picture

The backlit screen flashed its good intentions

'Battery Low', I ignored it as you do, and so

it fell on deaf ears, blind eyes un-focused

staring out of the window of an economy carriage

at the oil-stained tracks and the pouring rain

the perfect marriage of natural elements,

when will I see you again?


We went on a break for the weekend

or rather, I did, thin...

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