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Missing You

Loving you is easy; missing you not so much.

I long to hear your voice and feel your touch.
When I don't feel you near as time goes by, my face may show a smile but all my heart can do is cry.
They say distance makes the heart grow fonder. Distance for me is like a storm full of thunder.
I wonder if you are simply asleep; are you well or is there reason to weep.
Missing you is hard to bare....

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bffcompanionshipgirlfriendloversMissing her

I need you ( a halloween ode to companionship)

(apologies to the similar-sounding John Hegley piece also titled "I need you")

I need you
Like Dracula needs a neck to suck
Like Hannibal lector needs victims to cook
Like Jason needs the 13th day
Like Micheal Myers needs teens to slay

I need you
like werewolves need a moon to howl
I want to be kept "rock hard"
forever in your medusa scowl

I need you
Like Vincent Price needs bats ...

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companionshipHalloweenoctoberPunk poetryunrequited love


As I walked

through the garden dew

'tween clipped box and shapely yew,

'tween hard hornbeam and

'tween friends

a perfect peace descends


As I walked

from the round green room

past dusky shade and roses' bloom,

past shapely hedge and

past huge urns

the garden quiet returns


As I walked

in the lakeside glory

to the enchanted terrace torri,

to the ...

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The Promise

It has been so many years

since that moment of truth

when finally you were truly alone


It has been so many years

since you flew with the flames

as the organ played


and I looked out at the distant horizon

seeing you there drifting away

into finality


It has been so many years

since I made you a promise

I could not keep


You said

Do no...

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A series of 11 short poems


End of a Galaxy


A blink

In the silent depth of night



As the last leaf of the beech tree

As the silent tear of my love




End of Harmony


I see her dancing on the sands


I see her                                     as she sees me

and in that moment

sand, sea, sun, surf

vanish in the vortex



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If you reminded me

If you showed me you loved me in return

If you can handle who I give to you

My love would engulf you

Physically, emotionally, mentally, passionately

I'd be all for you.

If you gave me your body I'd nourish it

Empower it

Adore it

My love would be the kind

To push you to the sky

Wrap you in warm golden light

Numbing all senses

Except highlighting your happiness's


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being in lovecompanionshipin loveloverelationshipsoulwants

A Longing

At core of it all is yearning

to someone similar belong


Another there to relate to

and walk  distances along


Bond in sort of perpetuity

till  infinitum which extends


Joyous in times favorable

 supportive in nasty bends


Tolerant of most nuances

offering emotional bind


Forever whetting intellect

as stimulus for the mind

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