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Parts of You

I want a smile

That appears unknowingly.

One that spreads across his face,

Like the sunset in the sky,

Every time he hears my name.


I want eyes

That won’t turn away

When I show my scars.

Ones that can see

Through the walls I put up.


I want a voice

That will support me

And encourage my dreams.

One that knows what words

Will bring me back to realit...

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If you reminded me

If you showed me you loved me in return

If you can handle who I give to you

My love would engulf you

Physically, emotionally, mentally, passionately

I'd be all for you.

If you gave me your body I'd nourish it

Empower it

Adore it

My love would be the kind

To push you to the sky

Wrap you in warm golden light

Numbing all senses

Except highlighting your happiness's


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