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Her Spot(s)

Hitting your Spot 
I know the spot 

That makes you hot 

I'll push those buttons 
Until all of a sudden 

Your skin will blush
Your pussy will gush

In you with every hump
Your flesh riddled with goosebumps

Eyes rolling back and toes curl
Thats right I take care of my girl

You explode with pleasure 
that cannot be measured 

That's it Baby 
let me drive you crazy 

Give you what you ne...

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Missing You

Loving you is easy; missing you not so much.

I long to hear your voice and feel your touch.
When I don't feel you near as time goes by, my face may show a smile but all my heart can do is cry.
They say distance makes the heart grow fonder. Distance for me is like a storm full of thunder.
I wonder if you are simply asleep; are you well or is there reason to weep.
Missing you is hard to bare....

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bffcompanionshipgirlfriendloversMissing her

- For my sleeping Savannah.


Sleep my lovely, and dream my lovely.

Close your eyes and see, my lovely.


See the fifth dimension that has formed within you,

See the universe behind your eyes.

See the truth behind the lies, see the world without disguise.


- Stars dance, in a floating sway.

Creating a rip through the milky way.

Black holes begin to turn and swirl,


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My Savy

~~I was to write a poem, to tell you how I feel. But I feel rants are more raw, expressive and real. So here's a rant, just for you. My bubby pumpkin owl, my baby boo. It may rhyme from time to time, but the message of love will remain and you'll always be mine.

Savannah Sienna Rose. Such a name is so deep that it dwells within itself to decipher what it means. A name that is travels beyond two...

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