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The Toys Of War

From the land of the wall wishing brave, 

where braves are no longer welcome,

or this, our island of explorers 

who now wish these sea shores were 

fringed with endless rows of closed doors,

have migrated many mantras of woe

fired forth from the business of diplomatic show.


And so, below the same stars 

beneath which some mothers starve 

- but not ours -

some wil...

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Arms TradeEuropeNuclearpeaceterrorterrorismwarweapon


I was standing in line
at check-in
at the bakers
queuing for the morning bus
for water              
in the hope of a job

I was buying flowers for my love
drinking coffee
smoking a cigarette
wondering where the next meal
would come from

I was going to tell the boss to stick it
smiling at the memory of you
feeling the sun on my face
wishing blessings on the day


the bomb...

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entry picture

The whistle blows to sound the charge

and over the top they bustle and barge,

covered from head to toe in mud

and soon tainted with flesh and blood.


Up the ladder with slippery rungs,

a scream of rage from terror filled lungs,

adrenalin coursing through every vein

with the fear of not coming back again.


Knee-deep mud sucking boots from feet,

tangled in barbed w...

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There in the corner of the black beneath my bed

There lies a box not the size of my head
From within lurks a creature, never seen before
hind legs in the air and chest to the floor
The blood in my head, heavy and warm
Like the breath of the air prior a storm
Locked in place, I feel a prick on my neck
An aura behind me I'm unable to check
Pushing me under, I've no ...

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creaturecreatures of the nightdarkdark matterFearmonsternightterror




Strange hazy shapes in the rainy sky dancing lights in the dark of night,

who knows what it means, what they are?

Impossible accelerations and crazy manoeuvres in a second, no plane can do those.

It is the element of the unknown, so scary and dangerous.

People tell of strange beings coming in the night, of sharp objects and needles and of terrible pain.

Nightmare drea...

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strange objectterrorthe skyufo


seen through the columns of rising smoke

the intention couldn't be clearer


while the tattooed roads wear the organic stains

as footholds for a memory of fallen phosphor rain


yet more caustic the harvest we reap

from the drone-grown, crone wept bones

even as the stone groves grow over the dead hope of

the pebble eyed children in their dreamless sleep



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Terrorism And My Garden

entry picture


The final  victory over terrorism,

As well as over communism,

Leading to expansionism,

We’ll celebrate not after killing

Lenin, Stalin or Osama bin Laden,

But after stopping that bitch who pisses in my garden.


©Larisa Rzhepishevska (Odessa, Ukraine)

The 18th of November, 2011

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Scalding Suicide Bomber

entry picture

diving like a suicide bomber

into a scalding mug of coffee

made for a painful baptism

where no one got hurt or died

Lenny Gazbowski(C)2010

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