There in the corner of the black beneath my bed

There lies a box not the size of my head
From within lurks a creature, never seen before
hind legs in the air and chest to the floor
The blood in my head, heavy and warm
Like the breath of the air prior a storm
Locked in place, I feel a prick on my neck
An aura behind me I'm unable to check
Pushing me under, I've no self control
I look into it's eyes withholding no soul
Empty and placid, the greens of them stare
Forward I crawl with no feeling of care
The dark overwhelming, nowhere to go
The creature creeps closer, chest held low
A beat of my heart, we're face to face
It's breathing sporadic holding no pace
I ask why it's here, when it will leave
The answer I get I don't want to believe
"I'm always around, around in your head
I cannot release you - only the dead"
It's jaw unhinged, head tilts to the side
A noise escapes I cannot describe 
It's claw on my face, it's suddenly clear
The creature before me is my own Fear

Fearnightterrormonstercreaturecreatures of the nightdarkdark matter

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<Deleted User> (6895)

Thu 30th Apr 2015 10:07

clever,and a most enjoyable read.xx

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