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I was standing in line
at check-in
at the bakers
queuing for the morning bus
for water              
in the hope of a job

I was buying flowers for my love
drinking coffee
smoking a cigarette
wondering where the next meal
would come from

I was going to tell the boss to stick it
smiling at the memory of you
feeling the sun on my face
wishing blessings on the day


the bomb dropped
the car exploded
he blew himself up
the truck drove into the soldiers
and the sky fell in

then all was choking dust and silence
the sound of someone screaming

and it was him
and it was her
and it was them
and it was me

and it was you.




In the spirit of Leona... ►


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Philip Stevens

Sun 15th Oct 2017 09:19

Bang !! daily thoughts exploded into the reality of the day ... and what happened, can happen, is happening....

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terry l shuff

Fri 1st Sep 2017 19:18

Here in America they, ignore the root cause of this violence.
They haven't learned, stay home and mind our own business.

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Laura Taylor

Wed 23rd Mar 2016 11:14

Excellent poem Steve

<Deleted User> (6895)

Tue 22nd Mar 2016 22:00

Hi Steve.The last five lines have multi purposes,when it come down to where we should ALL lay the blame for a lot of shit that goes on in this world.

Running a very close second to todays horrific 'events'
and probably going some way towards causing it....

Misunderstanding.(on both 'sides')

Then the usual suspects,our SELF-made enemies-



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Tue 22nd Mar 2016 19:49

I like this, Steve.
After the atrocities of such as the bomb in Belgium today, I'm left thinking that it was just an ordinary day for the people that were battered and killed by the bomb blast. Makes you think!

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