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What if I fail 

What if everything that I hope to accomplish 

Becomes reality 

What if I really be on mtv 

Would that  change a “U don’t mean shit to me” 

To you mean the most to me 

Let me stop 

Let me pause 

I never did good 

So I never got a round of applause 

Always found myself behind bars 

For not following the laws 

It seems crazy I always wanted...

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Daddy Issues

You know at first anytime I showed you vulnerability and affection I felt weak ,then I realized that I am a woman and vulnerability and love was my super powers . So then I realized that abandonment and not feeling good enough, and seeking for approval, and love ,became the norm when dealing with you and it felt so familiar bc it was .Daddy issues of my own ,hoping you can save me from them ,looki...

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The Self

“You’re beautiful!”

I’m sorry what?

“I said, you’re beautiful”

Why are you lying?


“You have amazing hair!”

It’s really not

“But it’s so curly.”

It tangles, it snares

I wish it straight.


“You’re  beautiful!”

I’m sorry, I’m not

“But you are!”

Why do you lie?


“Your skin is flawless.”

It’s make-up

“I’m sure you don’t need it.”

You can’t se...

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Don't love me everyday

For the rest of my life

Don't promise me the world

Or make me your wife

I don't need empty words from you

There's no need to exclaim

No want for explanation

No need to rid the blame

When you say that you don't love me

I feel nothing but relief

It resonates inside of me

Confirms my own belief

Unlovable perhaps, it seems

The way it has to...

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loveself esteem

Not Good Enough

Not good enough! Not good enough!

You'll never have any girlfriends.

Not good enough! Not good enough!

You don't deserve to have a friend.

Not good enough! Not good enough!

You're not into the latest trends.

Not good enough! Not good enough!



be all alone


to your end.



You are completely disgusting.

Everyone thinks your mi...

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the learning nerves

entry picture

The learning nerves!

A poem inspired by a confidence and self esteem

building course attended at Mhist in Bolton.


Destiny and desires designed the darkness into an eventual tangle,

of falsities and fears with which we wrangle!

Thoughts founded on falsehoods and threats that flowed like water to the deepest depths,

fantasies we fear are facts that leave us of true h...

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