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You were supposed to be temporary.

A Mr. Right Now

But you were so persistent when I was so hesitant.

You opened your arms when I shied away.

So believe me when I say, that it hurt to be betrayed. 

You looked me in the eyes when you told your bold face lies. 

I wanted to believe you, I almost believed you, because deep down I didn't want to lose you. 

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I think of you constantly

I think of you constantly

The sound of your laughter comforts me

As I envision you smiling from ear to ear

I open myself as if you're suddenly near

The thought of you leaves me in tears

When I open my eyes and I see you there, not here

What I would do to have you holding me, loving me, but all I know is you leaving me 

I will be who you want me to be, do what you want me to do


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random thoughtsthoughts that keep you awaketoo many thoughts

Words Fueled by Depression

I am sad. 

I am worthless. 

I am unlovable. 

Nobody loves me.

I do not deserve to be loved. 

I don't matter. 

I have no matter.

The world would be a better place without me. 

 Nobody cares whether I'm dead or alive.

I wish I were dead. 





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Depressionself loveself esteemmental health

If I could form my feelings into words

If I could form my feelings into words

It’d be different from anything you’ve ever heard.

If I could form my feelings into words

I’d tell you about the first time I saw your eyes because your gaze gave me feelings I’d never realize. 

If I could form my feelings into words 

I’d tell you about the first time you held my hand because I finally understood the things I could withstand.


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Distant Recollection

It was all but a distant recollection.

You sat me down and said you wanted a real connection.

I believed you because I wanted to believe that your heart was true. 

I remember you reaching out to hold my hand.

I remember your arms reaching to embrace me.

I remember the feeling of warmth when I saw your smile.

It was then I knew you’d be worth my while. 

Suddenly it was no longe...

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Not So Typical

Traits genetically tailored, we're meant to feel like failures

Hopes to be better than the last are stored away in the past

Dreams thrown out the window as complications crescendo

Girls sacrafice their dresses to ace their math tests

Life seems to be easy but struggles are masked wth Febreeze

My words and ideas seem to be invisible but maybe if they listened they would know I'm not ...

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Alone, abandoned, overlooked. 

I wake up to a never ending nightmare that I call life.

Insecurities and anxieties blare in as the alarm goes off.

Snooze. Snooze. It's all a ruse, I try to hit snooze in hopes to avoid the nightmare but in this terrible wake there is no snooze so I think, "What is there to lose?"

There's the mistake, don't think, do.

Overthinking leads to overanalyzin...

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We used to be unbeatable.



Now we're unofficial.

You were unreliable.



But so was I.

So now what?


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