Daddy Issues

You know at first anytime I showed you vulnerability and affection I felt weak ,then I realized that I am a woman and vulnerability and love was my super powers . So then I realized that abandonment and not feeling good enough, and seeking for approval, and love ,became the norm when dealing with you and it felt so familiar bc it was .Daddy issues of my own ,hoping you can save me from them ,looking at you as savior or a father figure not a growing person with their own issues. Then when you left me the love I had for you seem to linger I wondered what was so wrong with me that I loved a guy that didn’t care about me . I realized it wasn’t bc of money , it wasn’t bc of the hoes , it wasn’t bc of the popularity, or any of those shallow reasons , It was bc you made me Chase you just like my father , you made empty promises and plans ,showed affection when needed to manipulate, then disappeared to be in and out of women life while I sat there and beg for attention in plain sight and it’s not your fault bc your just thinking about your life but the next time you decide to think just remember you got a daughter looking for a guy that’s just like daddy right .................

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