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Others create self-serving expectations

That they thrust upon you with no hesitation.

Always remember you have two choices,

To heed or ignore the many voices.

Most define themselves by what others say,

Resigned to play the games people play.

Sooner or later they will awaken,

Realizing that they’ve been mistaken.

Then a rebirth for all to see.

Some will rejoice, some will...

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Thoughts on foothill drive

Took myself to lunch today. Just the way I like it. Actually, I'm sitting here at the table waiting for my food right now. I put my phone away so I could just enjoy my mind and the things around me. I'm surround by gossiping people. Literally each table I tune into consists of one person telling a loud story with a snarky voice and flailing arms, with the others at the table either trying their ha...

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I long for a time, 
when i will be free.
When one would have,
no strings on me.

A place far away
from the busy throngs,
In a land beyond time
amidst lilting songs.

A time when i can
pursue my dreams.
And give in to my desires,
let them flow as streams.

A place where the world,
will let me be.
And there will be,
no strings on me...

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I want to be alone,
but only within my family.
I want to to teach you
but only with him too.
I want to help myself
but only if you help me.
I want to be confident
but only if you are there.
I want to be creative
but only if you allow me.
I want to be a parent
but only if I’m parented.
I want to be an adult
but only if I can be a child.
I want to feel emotions
but only if you hold me...

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growing upindependenceloveparenting


If the Scots become the late departed

Will we English be downhearted,

Knowing they're gone beyond recall

On the darker side of Hadrian's Wall?


Or willl we sing aloud in praise

For leaving us our longer days

And New Years free from haggis and Burns

With wailing pipers taking turns


To make us deaf to proper tune

And gentle voices born to croon.

Let English foo...

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