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Neoblastic Rituals

Neoblastic Rituals

We gather high upon the hill

To do our ritual and spells

It’s dark up here with a breeze

Just like it was five thousand years ago

Our ancestors met up here

And did what we did here

One long connected circle line

We add to that each year

The veil thins and we chant songs

Their words have meaning

Carefully put together for this act

Reaching out ...

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A Ghastly Evening

All the ghosts have gone to bed,

We say goodbye to our honored dead,

To the horizon they are lead,

As we contemplate what they said.


The veil was deftly traveled,

Guided by voices, acting like scaffold,

Loved ones called to be dazzeled,

As the world of the living becomes unraveled.


Not just love ones cross that veil,

Evil comes without fail,

Sprinitng across...

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Joyous Haustblot

The harvest backons today,

The Equinox calls to us all,

Spirits of the wood and hearth

make preparations for the fall.


People gather in their homes,

ready to enjoy the spoils.

Festivities begin anew

as farmers rest from toil.


Wights and elves dance in fields,

Before the sound of Odin's horn,

The Wild Hunt draws nearer still,

Winter's grasp will soon be bo...

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Not the cross or the thorns

or the blood or the nails,

not the spear or the whip

or the rumble of stones

from the mouth of a tomb.


Not the hatred and bigotry,

the small minded hypocrisy

of this clan or that clan

whose father is biggest

or most feared or cherished.


Not the myth and the fable

espoused by blind acolytes

heaven bent on venge...

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For Loki

For Loki;

Oh Lopt, the slandered god, I judge you not.
Your actions seem unjust or selfish,
but they are not.
They are quite the opposite.
You, the Wily Giftbringer,
what would the mighty gods be,
if you hadn't cut off the Lady's hair?
Hotheaded and sly,
you made the gods stronger,
through your mischief.

What of the walls of Asgard?
Without you, oh Loke,
they would be vulnerable...

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Water, smooth as a mirror, shiny as death.

I am the lake, the lake is me.

Are you the mist hovering over

my haunted vision and fractured mind?

Lost am I but bemused by your fragile beauty.

Your cold breath on my face telling me I am alive.

Mist taking me away, quick call my Mother. I’m about to drown.

Moon above, face of my unknown lover.


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CIRRUS pagan poem

pagan poem



What will it take for you to give a damn? To give instead of to take? Instead of taking and raping the, our, world of her resources, you decide to do an about turn and care for our precious planet. Not to turn the clouds black with smog and car exhaust fumes, no more acid rain in her lakes and rivers. No black seas and polluted beaches full of oil from a so calle...

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pagan poem


On this day I thank my Pagan Goddess of Mother Nature for this moment for us to all be on this hill top closer to you. The longest day of the year is your day and we join here with you to complete the circle and form a union. Let your positive energy heal and protect us on our journey through the year. Join us in celebration as we think of you, Mother Nature on this day. You a...

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