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I am dancing 'bout my mystic verse.

I am dancing 'bout my mystic verse.


My  poetry mostly used to be

Contained within the heart of me

My passion was for fighting then

Kung Fu, Hap-Ki-Do, studying Zen


Meditation, Yoga, and T'ai chi ch'üan

Every moment that I can

The Buddhists philosophy taught me well

Mindfulness, how thoughts to quell.


With focused, calm and centred mind

Martial arts and ...

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sea to song

effective myth, metaphor, & mysticism transcend

semantic efforts to articulate dynamics erupting

dreamlike amidst more trusted, linear conceptions

of reality, imagination, experience, & being


by presenting arrangements so engaging, uncannily

familiar, irreducibly insightful, idealogically slippery,

that the foamsplash suddenness of its crashing

across a previously unnotic...

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In the pale moonglow

In the pale moonglow when I awoke

somehow shadows seemed the darker

as mantling the land, that soft white cloak

of crystal shine leaves them starker


What cold mystic spell holds fast my hand

what eerie charm doth my fate seal

in darkling night whence daylight is banned

with what ice maid have I to kneel


As my eyes take in my ghost white bride

one last iced tear...

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The Hoodoos

The Hoodoos


Under Sulphur Mountain’s

sedimentary gaze,

the great Bow River

slithers like a serpent,

its milky green waters

spitting and striking

at the soft banks -

a venomous erosion

amid the cascades

foaming tumult.

The mighty Cree

etched totem poles

the size of these great

spruce and fir,

back-lit by the waning

Wolf Moon.


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