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Oh beloved 

Flying high 

God may have taken you back early to those you left behind 

What was yours on earth your precious connections 

To each other " we" each other were just stories and experiences solemnly yours although you would share so precisely the beauty you embraced 

In each individual 

It was like you connected us through your own sentiment whilst playing your songs 


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Curehealingsuffering poetry




Beneath the ancient gallows tree

There sits an old apothecary

Where deep within its ancient rooms

Resides an old man selling ‘shrooms

That he has harvested from soil

Of graveyards where the serpents coil

And if the ache screams in your joints

Just follow where the way-marker points.


The place smells of dust and moist mildew

And the foul dark liqui...

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apothecarycurefolk lorehealingmythnatural highprice to pay

A poem as a Panacea

Suicidal, reclining on a sofa
Gazing at his partner’s photo,
A handsome friend of mine I got
He was by an overwhelming love smote.

To optimize hers and his pleasure to trim
She opted suddenly to desert him.

Buddy, what weighs so heavily on your mind?
Get it off your chest a solution I may help you find!

“An attractive girl sweet-talked me into love,
She playacted as one sent from ab...

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He knocked at the door

Shouting ‘let me in!’

Tempting us to go out

With his whisky and gin

He hid around corners

Under tables and chairs

Trying his best

To catch us unawares


He was sitting on benches

Where others had sat

He was on garden fences

Where we’d stop for a chat

He was hanging around

Tesco trolly parks

He was all over door han...

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covid 19antigenviruscurehopedevil

Cure a wound another could

The desire to wholly
Posses you
Was so great
Bitter and harrowing
Was the feeling,unfaithful
To memory's dustbin
You relegate.

At a loss how
My problem to solve
Crying out my heart
By a serene cathedral door
Myself to absolve
God blew on my way a dove!

With a tap
On the shoulder
A sympathetic
And cute girl
On par with
My ex-lover
If not better
"Believe me
There will come

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Curelovereal life

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