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second wind

My vitality feels resuscitated with every breathe we share

two halves of a heart

you are the oxygen that pumps, vestibule, pair of consonance heartbeats

bounce off the walls.

we jump up and down hand in hand

your touch warms through and lights a fire inside and around

sound mind when your whisper incites a riot

the night is charged, god particles in the air.

our souls dance...

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soul mates

Let's let our thoughts tango and let our souls mate

my heart on my sleeve, on display

she is my armor, forever with fervor

worth the search for, pain couldn't hurt more

Her radiance blazes, visually a spectacle

her calming presence.

In essence, my mind linger.

Drift off to the cosmos. to a place where space and time coincide

I see her constellation and engage, warp drive


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Introduction to Love

My love for you wells up from


A feeling indescript

A warmth rising from the heart

A rush of oxytocin through the


Immediate and pressing

Without urgency or smothering

Felt from my legs to my


And in every chakra the yoga-doers tell us of

From the crown above my head

To the root they speak of in awkward Puritanical tones

Tones we do not need, m...

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My body just inches above yours

gaze into your eyes, your soul

I have questions and concerns 

kiss the top of your collar bone 

place you between my legs 

relax slowly 

experience every part of you filling me

feel expanded and complete 

utterly overjoyed 


savor this 

love how you feel inside me 

Heart touching heart 

Kiss your chest 

Touch your hair


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It’s always you!

It's always you 

It doesn't matter where I am 

It doesn't matter what I use 

Fingers, toys, other men 

It will always be you 

Your name repeated in my head 

Your body the only one I feel 

Your lips produce kisses I steal 

I can almost smell your clean sheets 

I squeeze my eyes tight

It's always you 

I imagine the same sequence of events we play 

The gentle touch...

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love making


Is you my baby or not  ?

because you play me a lot 

like when you only come here and I can't stay at your spot 

like it aint obvious   

but I don’t get mad thats his job 

when you need a break I’m Mr. Take 5

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Good Girl

Good girl
Those words move me
Quivering to my core
Sparks the embers in my cheeks
So many connotations
A thank you for listening
To your commands
A unique expression of adoration
As well as appetition
An ‘it’s going to be ok’
Psychedelic to my anxieties
Caress my curves
Trace the imprints you leave
On my soul
On my skin
Please, tell me again
I want to be your
Good girl

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In Your Arms

In Your Arms

In your arms is my favourite place to be
Our body's intertwined
Fitting together perfectly
Like neighbouring jigsaw pieces
Now I've found my missing piece
I am complete

When I'm in your arms my heart can't stop smiling
I'm floating on cloud nine
And I hope you will always be mine
When I close my eyes as we kiss
I never want to open them again
It feels euphoric and I ca...

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remembering love

I still remember the first time we made love,

It was simple and easy, with your weight above.

I remember expecting pain and feeling none,

I remember biting my lip when we were done.

It was so long ago, half a decade gone by,

But it still keeps me warm when you're not by my side.

Perhaps it's wrong I know I ought to move on,

But how do you stop an oncoming storm.

I still wis...

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Riding on red

Baby, oh cry "red red" baby!

Red stare, double dare me, baby.

You look angry maybe,

that frown like a red cloak across your gaze

with your silver tongue

words like shining bullets

cutting me down with your mad arms.

What mad, bad arms you have!

What a mad, bad glare you have!

All the better to come swinging at me

with those meaty limbs like axes.

Oh, please baby I'...

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The Possibilities

That day by the tree; with no one within sight; the sun cutting through the leaves and the sound of water close by. The way your hand felt in mine; how your kiss felt on my neck....These are the things that keep me hanging on to the belief that anything is possible; even love and all that comes with it. 

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I Saw You

I saw you~

In colors of vibrant gold

Glowing from your pores

Seeping into my heart

I saw you~

Your eyes held the ocean

Seas of blue and fresh air

Breeze through my senses 

Sweeping me away

I saw you~

As you laughed

Your voice rang in vibrations

Which traveled through my body

And shook my core

I saw you - as you saw my soul

My being , my whole - It was t...

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I'm to leave now


By: Ali Taha Alnobani

I'm to leave now

A tall ghost is carrying my bag

A long street is walking behind me

A mad merchant bought my smiles

And no water to renew the dusk

I can't have my step begun

Even if the rain washed my tears


I'm to leave now

Can I have a deep look at your eyes?

Can I take my dreams, your smile

And my dried red rose?


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The Middle of The Night

When she wakes in the night she sticks out her elbows and lifts up her knees

That tends to let in a cool sort of breeze

So I pull back the sheets and cuddle up tight

When she stirs in the middle of the night


She’ll turn to her left and lie on her side

So I’ll do the same and cuddle up beside

But restless thoughts always turn me again

When I stir in the middle o...

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We Used to Make Love












Sweet Heart we

used to make love,

now all we

do is fight.


I cry myself

to sleep

many a night.


I'm angry with you,

I think maybe

you're having

an affair.


You're angry with

me, cause you say

emotionally I'm

not there.


I guard my

heart, because


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