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soul mates

Let's let our thoughts tango and let our souls mate

my heart on my sleeve, on display

she is my armor, forever with fervor

worth the search for, pain couldn't hurt more

Her radiance blazes, visually a spectacle

her calming presence.

In essence, my mind linger.

Drift off to the cosmos. to a place where space and time coincide

I see her constellation and engage, warp drive


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shapeless & transcendent

I am shapeless, I am
transcendent, I am
moving through birdsong
as dawn gently breaks through
the clouds of my mind
I am weightless, I am
resplendent, I am
ecstatic to find
the keys that release
the mental chains that bind
I am boundless, I am
ever-present, I am
free to perceive
all that I am and all that is me
And all that I am
and all that is me
is the freedom to be
shapeless and transcendent,
weightless and fre...

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