In Your Arms

In Your Arms

In your arms is my favourite place to be
Our body's intertwined
Fitting together perfectly
Like neighbouring jigsaw pieces
Now I've found my missing piece
I am complete

When I'm in your arms my heart can't stop smiling
I'm floating on cloud nine
And I hope you will always be mine
When I close my eyes as we kiss
I never want to open them again
It feels euphoric and I can hardly catch my breath

It fills me with a great sense of pride 
That someone as wonderful as you 
Is in love with me, like I am with you
I feel like I've known you much longer than I have

Maybe I knew you in a past life
I hope one day you will make me your wife
You show how much you care every single day
It's the little things you do

When you wrap both arms around me at every opportunity
When you offer to make me a cup of tea
When you kiss me on the head
When you take my hand in yours and plant it with a soft kiss

It's the little things.

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