The Middle of The Night

When she wakes in the night she sticks out her elbows and lifts up her knees

That tends to let in a cool sort of breeze

So I pull back the sheets and cuddle up tight

When she stirs in the middle of the night


She’ll turn to her left and lie on her side

So I’ll do the same and cuddle up beside

But restless thoughts always turn me again

When I stir in the middle of the night.


I lie on my back and her hands wander over

And little by little there’s a feeling coming over

Loves embrace works all by itself

When we stir in the middle of the night


When the love making’s done, sleep comes easy

And wakeful moments tend to cease

Dreamless slumber is all we desire

After passion has stirred in the middle of the night

lovelove makingnightsleep

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Yvonne Brunton

Tue 15th Jan 2013 23:22

is this before or after the time you wake because you need the loo?
I enjoyed this, Steve

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Tue 15th Jan 2013 18:12

You have us smiling again Steve.xx

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